Stun Follow-up

What’s the best way to follow up on a stun? I see a lot of different things… I have trouble doing the (j.HP/j.HK) V s.FP -> FP hayate, and in videos I’m seeing a lot of fukiage -> other things… does fukiage XX sj -> tsurugi V hayate x2 work? seems like it would, but don’t have console to test it out…

and as well, I know fukiage on stun doesn’t work on everybody… I saw a list somewhere but I forgot where, gameFAQs probably.

Oh, and I had an idea once, where you just keep fukiage-ing, because I think I heard it can be done if you have enough bar for EX… you can do it up to 6 times? sounds cool… normally it could probably be done a few times, even without EX and just with karas I suppose. Anyone know anything about this?

j.HK --> s.HP --> EX Hayate.

nuff said.


jrh -> sfp x exhayate
(you would want to have the exhayate put them in the corner for the reset/juggle off the wall bounce if at all possible and all of course character specific)



as for the fuikage stuff post stun all character specific and generally more for show

as for the characters you can launch post stun with fukiage you will only get one hit post launch out of it (don’t feel like explaining the juggle rules, move values and exceptions so Id advise you read the system mechanics thread in the general strategy section)