stun juggle ?

If a opponent is stunned, lets say after an sa2 and SJC with LK,
so hes dropping down stunned, is there any juggles?

i tried HK and sjc again but he just drops, i remember a chun doing HK on one side then dashing to other and doing HK again a few times, but not sure if system was changed or what

i haven’t actually checked this so don’t take it too seriously but from what i can tell all of chun’s normals use up the juggle points ridiculously fast

if i stun with sa2 i will do jump lp and then back fierce when i land to juggle

get a good chunk of damage after the stun tho with like j.RH, back fierce, mk bird

or j.rh, down fierce, mk bird (a lil easier, i use this instead)

If I get the stun on SA2, what I usually do is SJ. MK and then land and cancel back fierce with taunt.

From there, if I have super, I do jump in D. FP, B. FP, cancelled to SA2 again
jump in D. FP, D. FP, cancelled to MK Spinning Bird Kick.

there is a tight one where you can do something stupid like in the air d.HP land before them cr.jab cl.RH or something like that :confused:

You cant juggle for long after SA2. You can do some shit on chars like elena and q because they have lang body’s in the air. Shit like: sa2, sjc, down hp land than followup with st. hk~dash~st. hk NOTE that the last st. hk wont juggle but it will be verry meaty though…
You can keep juggling 4 times if you antiair hit your opponent stun with cl. st. hk
You can do that everywhere on the playfield but you can have more variations in the corner.
I myself like doing st. hk, st. hk, st lp, st. hk
or st. hk, st. lp, st hk, back hp
And if you wonna show off you can do st. hk, st. hk, st. and if that is a killer you can finish up with sjc~down mk, down hp

You can super jump twice if they get stunned after SA2.

How do you do that than?

sa2 sj fierce (by now should be stunned) another sj fierce

that one is corner only

midscreen i do two sj jabs for lolz