Stun vs Guard Meter

What do you enjoy more in a game, Stun or Guard meter? They both are similar in effects and results, but they create a different dynamic in a game imo. I like both to be honest, but having both in a modern game would obviously be too much to keep track of for most people with life bars and super meters being a minimum already.

Also which do you think is better if you do have a preference and the poll is to choose which one you’d rather have if you had to choose which were to be in a game or if you’d rather have neither at all?

guard meters rule. makes the game more offensive based and can turn the match into a pressure cooker. dizzies just suck in general =)

Wow I’m the only one who prefers stun meter. Hate hate hate!

Fuck both. Throws and chip damage do the job just fine. I am happy about the guard meter in SC4 though.

Depends on the game. both can be awesome. Games with GMs usually tend to be more offense based.

i like stun only if you can gauge it, and if its not ridiculously random. guard meters are fine mostly (i’ve yet to find a game that fucks this up).

I like the GGXX guard meter. Not a big fan of guard crush.

I prefer no guard meter at all or something like KOF’98 (guard breaks are very short and you have to block a lot for they to happen), but I don’t like them when they are similar to A3’s guard breaks: you get them too easily and the guard break itself lasts a lot. I think that’s an artificial way to favor rushdown.

As for dizzies, I don’t have a problem with them (I don’t think they are necessary either) as long as they are not random like in ST.

same here

I like both. I also don’t buy the “too many meters to keep track of” line of thinking. If players can get adjusted to MvC2’s Star Craft level of resource management, they can get used to having stun and guard bars.

same here, i preffer a guard meter like GGXX over a stun meter or the classic guard meter of other games, still i can play a game with the other 2

Stun meters are nice because I like to know how close I am to being dizzied. Guard meters are nice because when implemented correctly they can promote an offensive metagame.

Out of the two, I like Guard Meters best.

I do like them both much better in conjunction with some defensive options, though.


Yes, Qft.

Personally, I’m not a fan of systems that give you more rewards than you’ve earned, so I chose option 3, none of the above.

I’m also not a fan of the current trend promoting offense over defense, as if one is more honorable than the other. Why is defending always trivialized or looked down upon as “turtling”? Blocking correctly ALL THE TIME is hard…especially in games like SC or Tekken where, mid/low mix-ups can be lightning fast…or games where throws are prominent…or games with fast, high priority normals that allow people to lock down their opponents easily. Do games like these really NEED stun/guard meter?

If people criticize parries for simplifying gameplay and eliminating certain play styles, shouldn’t those same people criticize guard meter (and to a lesser degree stun meter) because they also eliminate certain play styles, thereby simplifying gameplay?

Actually, aren’t parries and guard meter exact OPPOSITES (sorta)? If so, the flaws of one should exist for the other, just inverted, right?

I just think the art of defense doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Parries and Guard meter aren’t actually the same because Guard meter doesn’t eliminate your play style, it just puts a counter on how long you can use one play style and that’s turtling. Realistically, nobody turtles for an entire round, you can’t win by just blocking. At some point you have to counter and that reversal should give you time to change the pace of the match in your favor and allow you to get back your guard meter so you can turtle again if you wish.

Parries on the other hand are a defensive option that can be used on offense as well. A lot of people do mix-ups that involve baiting “random” low pokes and that’s technically being defensive, but really it’s an offensive tactic to stop the defensive player from gaining control.

As much as you might think defense is underrated, that’s only because new and most intermediate players don’t value or even really look much at that even if they have a strong defense. Most people only seem to realize it when they reach a high level of competitive play. What seems overrated is the notion that being offensive is really that much stronger or easier, when you take into account many players have patterns and a limited moveset of high, low and overheads that they can use against you to break your 3 option guard (low, high, counter). They might have like 20-30 moves to use which isn’t hard to remember or react to, but you only need to use 3 to fight against all of that.

I feel maybe my poll is a little weak now as Guard/Stun Meters can be good or bad depending on what the rest of the features of a game may include; ie. defensive options to counter the abuse of the offensive features.

I like both. I also don’t buy the “too many meters to keep track of” line of thinking. If players can get adjusted to MvC2’s Star Craft level of resource management, they can get used to having stun and guard bars.

I don’t agree with this analogy. Off the top of my head I think GGXX has the most non-action data to be followed. Burst, guard meter, tension on both sides, and sometimes stun.

Any form of guard breaking is fun, Throwing, standing overheads, guard crushing, it’s all kosher…in fact if they made a game that was all about standing overheads, and they were all Gato-style haymakers, I’d totally play it.

fuck guard meter.I don’t want to be forced to attack,

I like Guard Breaks AND Stun meters only if they have more defense option like parry /or counter.

I think GB keep the game from becoming a turtle fest or at least encourages(forces them?:rofl:) the players to play offense at least some of the time.

With SM the game tries tells you “Hey you can’t just get hit constantly or frequently and only worry about the immediate damage done so play defense so that you don’t get too often”. Forces you to play defense.

Parry helps balence this. It makes everyones offense better by making some unwieldly attacks practical and proving the avenue of GAURANTEED damage if done properly. It also makes your opponent’s offense worse by eliminating predictable/slow random attacks and supers while really challenging what you throw at your opponent and how you do it. Yeah its the Strangeness.In 3S the low tiers got shutdown because of thier slow/predictable attacks added on to the other weaknesses they had. I guess Capcom never thought that parry will kill thier offensive at higher/intermediate play. Chun/yun/ken/makoto/dudley/Urien can deal big damage off of parry with meter and thier offensive without meter is not nerfed by the parry because they have harder to parry pokes.

Parry is a double edged sword.