Can 12 Stun an opponent? In all my games with 12 I was NEVER capable of getting the Stun guage to even 1/4 full!
Is there any way to inflict more stun damage to 12’s opponent?

Twelve’s standing normals do a fair amount of stun, as does his neutral throw. Stunning isn’t really a big part of Twelve’s game, though.

If you really want to stun someone, though, fight CPU Sean. All you have to do is parry his shit and then neutral throw. Twelve’s damage output is so weak that you’ll be able to stun Sean twice per round.

air dash HK, standing close MK does good stun, bout 3 times in a row should do it I believe but only good if ya have full bar. Cause even though you can sjc that shit, what are your chances of your next attack being blocked or parried ya know?

Hmm I see, thanks for the info

When I play with cross-up air dashing fierces I stun people in arcade mode regularly but it’s very hard to stun a person, most notice that TWELVE is about to stun them and do something about it.

^^tru dat tru dat. Btw, nice avatar :smiley:

ty, long story behind it haha, the story of the first person perma-banned from the wow forums xD

I’ve played some interesting SA2 Twelve players on XBOX Live. With enough neutral throw abuse, it’s easy to stun your opponent. That’s when people usually hit with SA2.

The best application of SA2 are the 450 degree combos.

You can hit them, spin the stick 450 degrees starting from down and ending toward them and twelve does SA2 from the ground, this works for all air supers that need 2 qc’s.

Didn’t know you could spin the stick like that and still pull off the QCF, QCF. Cool. I’m on a pad though, so super jump cancelling MK into SA2 is pretty easy. MK, D, U, QCF QCF LK.

I can do it, it seems easier to do but harder to connect however. But the big questin in this thread is, what do you do when you stun an opponent and have NO bar what so ever.

Neutral Throw.

Anyway, someone stunned my hugo with twelve a few days ago abusing invisibility, I’m not exactly sure how that worked but it happened. Maybe because hugo takes so little and twelve does so little they had enough time to build up the stun… oh well. I won that match, haha.

throw then invisibility whiff low strong for meter haha

I supose that could work

FP AXE, take whatever damage you can get if you’ve stunned them, they’ll probably be near dead anyway. Stun doesn’t last long enough to turn invisible and whiff low strong. You’ll get, what, one low strong out if the other person is super slow struggling out of stun? Meh. Just go for damage.

Neutral throw, standing roundhouse, standing fierce all do excellent stun.

Corner stun combo:

Ex NDL (Stun), UOH, standing jab, standing strong.

I’ma have to try dat one :smiley:

Haha its the best non-meter burning combo I could come up with.

if you can hit qcb+k(mid-air) it does decent stun damage