Hello everybody!

I always mash to get out of stun, but I can’t tell when it’s over. This sucks, especially when I’m gonna get kicked and I need to parry or I need to throw or whatever. I always end up doing some whacko shit when it’s done.

So, how many frames are in the stun animation? Or better yet how many rotations does the character do? And what are some tips for getting out of it, perhaps an ultimate mash technique?

The mopreme mash out: (It’s incredible to see in person)
Shake the stick left and right faster than humanly possible with your left hand, while at the same time with your right, form an open hand with all fingers extended and press ever button faster than humanly possible.

Stun times vary depending on what you were hit with that caused the stun, and in that particular bracket, a random time is chosen for the stun duration. (These numbers come form the 3s bible). Also I forgot what the distinction was between the similar attacks. I think it’s as I listed. Numbers are the number of frames you are dizzied, and as I said it randomly picks one based on what you were stunned with.

Normal Attacks (Hit Types)
Special Attacks (Hit Types)
Normal Attacks (Throws)
Special Attacks (Throw Types)
Supers (Hit Types)
Supers (Throw Types)

Editted after talking to SlimX for correctness.

Damn, you, Slim, and Jinrai probably know more about this game than onyone on SRK. Keep up the good work fellas.

Thanks for the info. That sucks that the whole system is so broad and random. Guess it just takes a little memorization and a lot of practice.

In my opinion, the numbers aren’t that usefull, which is why I never bothered to put them on KT. No matter what you get stunned with, you should try to mash out in the way I described above.

Is it better to go left - right? I’ve always done full circles.

Instead of shaking the controls shake the guy who stunned you and yell ‘WHY DID YOU TOUCH MOMMY LIKE THAT’ over and over; this will usually result in an easy win.