STUNFEST 2010, big european tournament (special guest: Tokido)- Results and Vids

Hey guys,

Once again I’ll describe the results of one of the biggest european event: Stunfest 2010.
I’ll update this thread when more vids will be available.

Global information

Date: the 22nd & 23rd of May

Location: Rennes (France)


SSF4 Tournaments : 2vs2 (Saturday) and 1vs1 (Sunday)

Special japanese guests : Tokido (Gouki), Ichi (the top 5 cvs2 player, not the Ken player)

French notable players: 2pac (Viper), Cuongster (Honda), Evans (Fei Long), LordDVD (Honda), Luffy (Rose),
Renegad (Boxer), Sendo (Claw), Starnab (Fei Long), Toshiya (Gouki), yamazaki93 (Ryu)

Spanish notable players: fasoll (Ibuki), helltpm (Dictator), Kenichi (Abel), RickyTTT (Ibuki)

Taiwanese player: tim (Juri)

Website :

**So here are the results!

*Number of teams : 94
Single elimination


  1. Starnab (Fei Long) / Renegad (Boxer)
  2. Tokido (Gouki) / Souiff (Ken)
  3. Cuongster (Honda) / tim (Juri)
  4. Toshiya (Gouki) / Evans (Fei Long)

Renegad vs Tokido (final)

Cuongster / tim vs Evans / Toshiya (for the 3rd place )

Starnab vs Kenichi (quarter final)

Starnab vs RickyTTT

*Number of players: 256
Double elimination


  1. Evans (Fei Long)
  2. Luffy (Rose)
  3. Tokido (Gouki)
  4. Starnab (Fei Long)
  5. Helltpm (Dictator)

Luffy vs Evans (grand final)

Luffy vs Tokido (final loser bracket)

Tokido vs Evans (final winner bracket)

Luffy vs Starnab (semi final loser bracket)

Starnab vs Tokido (semi final winner bracket)

Evans vs Helltpm (semi final winner bracket)

Luffy vs Helltpm (quarter final loser bracket)

Luffy vs fasoll

I couldn’t attend this event :frowning:
But if you have any question, I can ask the players who were there.

Luffy’s Rose was too solid.

Word! All around solid play. Tight to see Fei Long as well.