"Stunned already?!" Denjin Hadouken Set-ups




  • Does 4-hits 255/400 (8-hits 495/800 fully charged)
  • Does 50 stun points per blocked hit (but can never cause stun on block)
  • Does 15 chip per blocked hit (18 chip for the last one)
  • seems as fast as Shinsho?
  • is attack-invincible until he lets go of the fireball
  • is not throw-invincible
  • if you charge at all you lose attack-invincibility as well
  • causes float wall-bounce against grounded opponents (can juggle with anything)
  • against airborne opponents the only juggle followup is the last hits of super
  • can be charged up for an extra hit after backthrow for 500 stun
  • Palm FADC Denjin works midscreen but is very difficult
  • can be linked after any palm in the corner fairly easily.
  • can be used after EX-Palm midscreen fairly easily (against the characters that it works against)

Figured we should should have this, start figuring out guys:

Creating this from work, will update the list as you people post up

Example of possible setup(quite lame, but yeah)

  • j.HP, cr. HP, EX palm, hp palm >> mp fb xx fadc xx denjin

The enemy gets up after the hp palm and cannot jump or else will get hit by the fb and the denjin. if he blocks will be either over stunned or close to that.

PS: nos99, stole your denjin info.

Note that some characters can evade that with ex stock, but others can only evade with ultras and supers


  • EX Palm > dash > cr.roundhouse > Denjin Hadouken (6 hit charge)
  • forward throw > Denjin Hadouken > full charge Denjin.
  • EX Palm > FADC > j.HP > Denjin Hadouken (6 hit charge)


(J.HP), cr. HP,EX Palm, Denjin - 429 damage, 630 stun
(J.HP), cr. HP,EX Palm, FADC, j. MP (2 hits), Denjin (5 hits charge) - 503 damage, 700 stun

Corner combos

Kongo , FADC , LP palm , Denjin (works somewhat far away from corner)
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, LP palm , Denjin (works somewhat far away from corner)
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, LP Hadou , LP Palm, Denjin (works somewhat far away from corner)

backthrow , EX palm, denjin(6 hits charge) - 450 damage, 650 stun
(J.HP), cr. HP, MP Palm, Denjin - 409 damage, 680 stun
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, HP hadou, MP palm, Denjin - 513 damage, 630 stun
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, EX hadou, LP palm, Denjin 556 damage 818 stun
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, HP hadou, EX hadou, denjin
(J.HP), cr. HP, EX palm, HP hadou, EX hadou, LP palm, Denjin

Any corrections?

Also, can anyone help me with the damage/stun values?

This is starting to get pretty good!


I hate to be the raincloud over the picnic, but I really don’t see a reason to ever use charged denjin against a knockdown opponent. If it will kill them, sure… but who doesn’t have a special move to get out? There’s what, 5 characters that it will work against? Even if it is blocked they just runaway for 2 seconds and you’re back to square one.

Now, if there’s a situation where you can charge up full (or almost full hits), against a character that can’t escape it, so you can actually mount a little pressure afterward when they try to run and MAYBE get that dizzy, then yes, I can see it worth going for.

EDIT: Oh and that setup you mentioned wouldn’t work. You can’t have have a denjin and a FB on the screen at the same time. The game won’t let you do it. You’d get more damage and stun just by doing Denjin after the ex-Palm anyhow (or FADC 2-hit j.mp, 5-hit denjin since we’re burning meter here)

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I know, I was just giving and example. I mentioned its lame myself. I meant stuff that will take you to as much dizzy as the next hit will dizzy them.

like on the corner cr. hp, hadou, fadc, cr. hp, ex palm, hp hadou, mp hadou, lp palm, denjin should give almost 1000 stun.

Maybe theres no point to this thread indeed, I might have jumped ahead of myself.


Oh no, don’t take it that way, lol.

It might be useful, who knows? I’m just saying that for the most part, it’s going to be pretty scarce. But there might actually be some good setups off blocked denjin yet, maybe against certain characters?

I think first you’d have to figure out which characters it won’t work against, because they can get out for free. The teleport characters for example, they can just teleport behind Gouken and get a free combo. I imagine Gief can just mash lariat? Fei can react EX-CW? Cammy react EX-drill? Abel can Roll? Gouken can EX-demonflip? Cody zonk-punch? Can Rose reflect it? Rog-Headbutt? Hawk ex-spire? Blanka.Hakan coward crouch? Honda EX-buttsmash?

Lot’s of testing to do… but maybe it might be good yet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, we can do that I suppose.

There might be even a need to see which characters denjin would even have a point. I dont think there is a point to using it against say, hawk or zang, since they have crazy sun and hp.

We could just talk denjin here then, since its kinda blurry anyway.


these are the ones i have been practicing:
(ex palm > 5 hit denjin) in and out of the corner. you can get slightly more damage and stun by complicating the combo in the corner, but i just keep it simple so i dont screw up.
(hp. fireball > lp. palm > 4 hit denjin) in the corner. it just adds a lot of stun to a combo i do anyway.
(backthrow > 5 hit denjin) in and out of the corner. there are a few ways to slightly improve on the damage and stun, but keeping it simple helps me.
(2 hit j.mp > denjin) easy way to land denjin!
(full charge denjin > [palm, tatsu, ex fireball > fs. hk, or hp. fireball > lp. fireball > fs. hk] - depending on position) on a stunned opponent. gouken does a lot of stun outside of denjin. a fully charged denjin is good for damaging a stunned opponent!

i have been looking at denjin as an extension of my normal combos.
basically gouken gets more damage and stun from what he would normally do if denjin is active.
it seems pretty good!
the comeback potential of shin shoryuken is hard to compete with, but i feel that i am much more likely to land denjin than i am to land shin shoryuken; mainly because of (hp. fireball > palm > denjin) near the corner.


I managed to pull off a fully charged full screen Denjin into a wallbounced mp palm xx super.

Devastating, albeit quite difficult to land. In training mode it does 780 damage o_O

780! Shit!

I’m personally finding Shinsho to be the preferable Ultra given my playstyle with Gouken, but Denjin is a refreshing change.


As I said in the other thread, I think Nos is right; blocked Denjin isn’t gonna be worth it.

Right now, after any Denjin combo, I’m just gonna go for simple wakeup pressure. His overhead being faster is good here too. Need to mess around with option selects more, but it seems like meaty jab would be ideal after a landed Denjin.


Denjin is pretty good against hawk since gouken keeps him on the ground with HP and MP hados they kill his dive and if you catch him with an AA hado you can either palm or denjin depending where he is at. I think denjin is pretty good against gief cause you can bait lariat with hado and quick focus cancel into denjin.

And ex palm to denjin is pretty simple from anywhere and it puts them in untechable knockdown in goukens perfect df flip mix up game.


Just for bragging, today I did focus attack, cr. hp, ex palm, mp palm. dashed, backthrowed the guy into denjin, he got dizzy on the 3rd denjin hit. I did j. hp, cr. hp, ex palm, dash tatsu and ggpo.


If you land forward throw in/near the corner, you have enough time to fully charge denjin afterward. If you’re close enough you can go low or do overhead during the blocked hits for the dizzy.

They can eyeball the overhead, or just mash the proper reversal to hit you, but might be useful if against some characters (if the don’t have meter?)


Found a very consistent safe jump setup off of the BnB Denjin combo midscreen (c.fp/cl.fp xx ex palm, U2)

Right after you recover from denjin, throw a fireball, dash forward, then immediately demon flip. Do the dive kick shortly after hitting the apex of the jump. Opp is forced to block, but Gouken will land in time to avoid most invincible reversals (still quite hard to get past shoto srks). Plus, since the opp will block the dive kick crouching (ha!), you get some pretty hefty frame advantage.

Now all I need is some really cool option select off of this…


I’m new here but I’ve been reading Gouken strategies for a while now actually, but I did find a 912 stun wall combo with Gouken, I swear it works
jHP, sHP, ex Palm xx ex Gadoken xx lp palm, U2
It guarantees 912 stuns, it will stun people like Dan, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Characters like that.


Clearly slept on tactic. The other piece of the puzzle is just using the Denjin for it’s stun and when you have someone almost stunned using a forward throw > meaty denjin to complete the job. Some characters can use a special to escape, cool… if they do they will only do so to be punished.


it’s impractical but still it’s awesome [media=youtube]AcLCfydB0OU"[/media]


I’m starting to think denjin has a better come back potential than shin sho.

you land a combo, rush in. if you get any combo or a back throw the guy is gonna be dizzy.

most of the time all you need is two ex bars and the guy is dead.

And on that case on the video you posted Sephiroth417,

he could kill the guy without the second reset with cross up mk, cr. hp, ex palm, ex hadou, ex tatsu for sure.


Although the full kill is impractical, I think it will be a nice punishment for dizzying someone near the corner and you have denjin available without any EX.


Well, of course he could have killed him without the second reset gouken is a damage beast.


that’s not bad. just tried it and it does 578 damage too with only two meter stocks.


Think we can find some potential unblockables with denjin? That sounds fun =)