What’s the best combo to whip out on a stunned opponent in different situations?
(I’m a SA1 guy, by the way)

I know that stunned in the corner = SA1 -> SA1 -> Hard Dragon Punch (or just one Shinkuu if I don’t have the meter for it).

What about not in the corner and/or not having my meter charged? The best combo for each scenario would be nice.

The best with no super is, j.fierce, cl.fierce, ex joudan, fierce.shoryu

both fierces gives you enough for the EX joudan, so even if you have little bar, you’ll get enough for the ex joudan.

Actually if you have absolutely NO BAR. Both fierces will not give you enough meter to do ex joudan.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll practice using the combo.

j.fp, cr.fp, rh hurricane.

Actually standing HP and crouching HP do the same amount of damage. Even in this combo. So it doesn’t matter which version you use.

For me it feels like im putting in more effort doing a cr.HP instead of standing, and I’m getting the same amount of damage. So fuck it.

Hope this’ll help…

“,” = next move
">" = cancel
"/" = or alternatively

Best Damage ::::

I. No Bar :

  1. J.HP, HP> Tatsu HK
  2. Cross J.MK, HP> Shoryu HP

II. EX :

  1. J.HP, HP> EX Joudan, Shoryu HP (Close) / Tatsu HK (distance) — same damage
  2. Corner— J.HP, HP> EX Joudan, EX Tatsu, Shoryu HP / EX Shoryu

III. Super :

  1. J.HP / Cross J.MK, HP>Shoryu MP> Shinkuu, Hadaouken HP> Shinkuu, Hadouken HP
  2. Corner J.HP, HP> EX Joudan, EX Tatsu, Shinkuu, Shoryu HP/Joudan LK/Tatsu LK~HK

IV. Mid combo DIZZY (combo started when opponent is almost dizzy)
A. Middle of the screen

  1. J.HP/ Cross MK, HP> EX Joudan (have to be DIZZY by now), LP (Elbow close range)> Dash, LP (Elbow close range), Tatsu HK/ > Dash, Shoryu HP
    +++ Getting Up Dizzy +++ Finish with any of I or II combo or any other combo since you still have 1 more Super and an EX if you continue the combo starts with J.HP, HP.

B. Bring opponent to corner by : J.HP/ Cross MK, HP> EX Joudan (have to be DIZZY by now), LP (Elbow close range)> Dash, LP (Elbow close range) [Opponent in the corner now], Shinkuu, EX Joudan [opponent switches places with you on wall bounce], LP (Elbow close range)>Dash, LP (Elbow close range), Tatsu HK,
+++ Getting Up Dizzy +++ Finish with J.HP, HP> EX Joudan, Shoryu HP.


no Shinsho combos? :shake:

:wgrin: Sorry, I was replying for R.O’s post based on his SAI…

SAII doesn’t have much variety since it’s already have big damage, but corner and stun SAII combos… I do have couple…

SAII ::: Normal combos

I. (Usual drill ) Cross MK, HP>Shoryu HP> Shin Shoryuken, **
** a: Hadouken (small damage, worst stun, easy to pull on all character)
b: Tatsumaki (best damage, good stun)
c: Joudan HK (best stun damage, hard to pull on some characters such as Chun-Li for example)
d: Dash, Shoryu Ken HP (Harder to pull, smaller damage than “b”-- not recommended)
e: Dash, HK (Not knocking down the opponent-- useless, as Ryu is very very good killing waking up opponent by keeping them “down” on the floor)

SAII ::: [ Corner & Stun combos ]
I. (Usual drill ) Cross MK, HP>Shoryu HP> Shin Shoryuken (opponent blown to the corner, and should be stun by now), High Jump HP, Universal Overhead MK+MP, Joudan LK. ------- *Finish with J.HP, HP> Joudan EX, Shoryu HP.

*or, before the “finish” part, you could throw couple of c.MP x3/4 to fill the bar for extra EX ---- Finish with J.HP, HP> Joudan EX, EX Tatsu, Shoryu HP.

II. On jumping opponent in the corner — Universal overhead MK+MP (opponent should be dizzy by now), J.HP (Do it very quickly, no gap of time), Shoryu HP as you land land > Shin Shoryuken, High Jump HP, Universal Overhead MK+MP, Joudan LK. ------- *Finish with J.HP, HP> Joudan EX, Shoryu HP.

or as * above…

III. Middle of the screen J.HP/ Cross MK, HP> EX Joudan (have to be DIZZY by now), LP (Elbow close range)> Dash, LP (Elbow close range), Tatsu HK / > Dash, Shoryu HP (opponent in the corner by now) ------ J.HP. C.MK> Shoryu HP> Shin Shoryuken, finish by : a/b/c/d/e above


Thanks Eddy. That helped me know what I have to practice.

Fun Facts: (where ‘>’ = cancel and ‘,’ = next move)
Close HP > Hadouken > Shinkuu = awesome

(in Corner)
Close HP > Hadouken > Shinkuu, Shinkuu, Hard Dragon Punch = Very Awesome

I can’t tell if you’re going to style or damage with those combos. You’re better either replacing the first fireball with a srk or just leaving it out all together. If you’re going for damage and meter efficiency, I think fierce, ex joudan, walk back fierce is one of the better options.

Exactly! If you’re too close, Better do HP>EX Joudan, Shoryu HP (Close)/ Tatsu HK (distance)/ shinkuu ( *make sure you don’t hit all the shinkuu all 5 hits at once, practice timing so the shinkuu only hits 4x, then the opponent will bounce further back and hit the last fireball of shinkuu, so you can throw another Hadouken HP for extra damage. )

  • Doesn’t work on all characters, some better to hit the shinkuu all 5x at once…

Hadou> Shinku is only best to use when : The opponent is a bit far, but still in the c.MK distance… pull this : c.MK>Hadouken HP> Shinkuu

Don’t be afraid to learn Ryu! He’s easy to use, and very powerful.
So far I’m still the #1 in my city using Ryu… Yes, Chun, Makoto, and Jun could put extra works fighting them, but so far I still manage to be on top.

He’s deadly! Keep using SAI! Combo with HP>EX Joudan, Shouryu HP/ Tatsu HK.
Go to practice mode (if you’re on console), check the total damage and the stun!
Be Amaze! Or even if you don’t have super bar,
J.HP, HP> Joudan MK (for Great damage, Marvelous stun)
J.HP, HP> Tatsu HK ( for Marvelous damage, Great stun )

Easy combo at your choice.

Anyone in Jakarta or coming to??? :lovin:


i know this is completely irrelevant, but i didn’t wanna make a new thread for this.

i always do c.hp, EX joudan, dash up hk tatsu after i parry a chun far fierce.

now my question is, does the damage differ if i dash up or not? i dash up and tatsu because it pushes them to the corner more. but if it deals less damage it’s good to know

I don’t think so. The only thing you should be weary of during an EX joudan combo is if you use shoryu. If you hit close to the ground during the first frame or something, you get a little more damage than you would than if you just hit them half way through their fall. Some really weird property of Ryu’s shoryu (I’m not sure if it applies to others).

It’s a full damage Shoryu if you hit 'em very very close. if you just hit them half way through their fall, the Shoryu will only touch 'em, and it will give less damage (but still Ryu’s touched Shoryu damage more than other shotos).

This rule applies to all shotos’ Shoryu.

The other thing is, you don’t need to dash in to do Tatsu after EX Joudan. You can just do Tatsu HK from where ever you’re standing. Just do HK Tatsu, it’s damage just like HP Shoryu. Best one!

Just mind if you’re close to corner, don’t use Tatsu HK… better use Shoryu HP (after EX Joudan), so you won’t still spinning after the opponent tech roll on knocked down.