Stupid 6 cell netbook battery

The damn thing comes out of the bottom backside of the netbook, rather than straight out the back. So it increases its height by about 0.75 inch, so I’m not sure it will properly fit into a laptop sleeve or laptop-backpack compartment.

Vintage BeGuiled thread.


Sit on it until it fits in the bag or buy a new bag.

Store it in uranus and take it out when you need it.

Even netbook batteries…

Is that you on your avatar?

Yes that is a heavily modified pic of me.

Damn dude, you look like Keits’s cousin who made all the wrong decisions. When you guys were young, you would do everything together. But then, once you guys got older, he discovered street fighter while you discovered weed. He found that marvel crack, you got that real crack. Eventually you dropped out of school and joined job corps. There you met a girl that had similar tendencies. This blossomed into a small romance…until she got pregnant. You then had to quit job corps and get a a real job at a Taco Bell to earn more money for your baby. While working many hours and spending most of the money on your child, your addict tendencies brought you to the cheapest drug you could find: alcohol. Slowly but surely you began drinking beer and things got worse. The girl notices your behavior, points it out and you become abusive. She runs away with your child, leaving you an empty appartment and your cans of beer. Three weeks later you run into your cousin rocking a sweet Ryu tie and you ask him about the good old days when you played together. He continues talking until he mentions street fighter, it reminds you of your first blunt…your first bad decision. He goes on to talk about his fun and fulfilling hobby; you continue about ruminating about the emptiness at the end of every can of beer. The conversation ends. You walk home wondering why it all went wrong, if only you got hyped instead of high. The home that had your daughter is now the home that has your shadow. Just as you wish to run away from those surroundings, you walk into your bathroom. There you see that face, the strong eyebrows bear heavily on your forehead and the cheekbones are sunken in. There is no more pride in your features, just the debilitation brought to it by some bad decisions. You keep looking into your eyes but you just can’t cry, you just can’t…

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you look a bit busted with the heavy modification.

Reading the story and switching to the avatar a few times you almost start believing it’s real lol.

Nominate for article.

I imagined that was your facial expression when you made the thread, 'splains it.

Oh wow. Nominated.