Stupid comment from another forum begs to be addressed here by EVO Tourny Pros

So there’s this topic on the SFIV discussion forums, in which people are talking about the JWong and Daigo match at Evolution 2004 with the parry and such.

Apparently some guy/girl thinks it was all a hoax and using his very words.

*"That moment was staged but most people don’t know it.

Daigo is a poser and I have effortlessly beaten him in real fights"*

I find that someone claiming a yearly international fighting game competition with some the best of the best in the world to be staged is completely and utterly ridiculous. I am not trying to troll here. As I am entirely for SRK and think this community does a great deal at keeping the allure and greatness of the Fighting Game genre and taking to new heights year after year with the many impressive tournament players and veterans.


SRK is awesome
this guy is a scrub = MichiyoYoshiku

Dear Lord I can’t believe I just took the time to check out GameFaqs.

Obvious troll is obviously trolling.

What I find stupid is that you’re giving him the exact attention he desperately wanted by posting it in other forums. Just let the guy have his troll at GF so it can die instead of doing him the service of having “tourney pros” address him.

Daigo parry was a hoax created by the cannons in order to garner more interest in the EVO tournament.

Watch the “Loose Tokens” documentary and know the truth.

That fight never actually happened.

I didn’t want to bring this up but yes…there are conspiracy theories concerning the Daigo parry. I mean I believe 9/11 happened all that but honestly…Daigo parry was more than likely even a little bit staged. I just don’t believe J.Wong would have decided to be so recklessly offensive when all he normally does is sit on his ass when he has meter. Don King paid him under the table surely.

I haven’t even met the guy but I hear DevilJin got his name because he sold his soul to the devil. I think he has to kill a newborn baby soon or something. I’m sure Nancy Grace will catch us up on it after it all blows over.

And I hear Master Chibi got his name because he has a still-born fetus poking out of his back. They named him “Chibi” and he really likes to play Melty.

Of course, these are all very hush hush. Only me and that kid who casually beats Daigo all the time know.

Yes. In the footage at the end of the clip, the members of the audience cast no shadows on their surroundings!


He speaks the truth it was staged and wrestling is real.

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who cares? Justin got parried at BOD3 by Ryan Hart over this past summer.

DevilJin doesnt play tekken

True Story.

You’re all morons.

Daigo isn’t even a real person.

Well this topic has an interesting turn…

Ah well, never meant any harm really, I just figure any fighting game fan in this day would already know about SRK and competitive fighting game scene by now. With access to the internet, a wealth of information is easily available, unlike 10+ years ago when most info for gaming was majority publicized in paper magazines and other publications.

Team 3.

The lunar landing wasn’t staged; Sentinel just fast flied to the moon and planted the flag there.

lol its a mindfuck. whos trolling? gfaqs dude or OP here