STupid El Fuerte Trial


El fuerte normal Trial Number 4…J.HK, HP, Gordita Sorbat, to Super…okay…I just cant get that stup GS to hit. It comes out randomly when I’m not trying yet when I want it to it doesnt appear. WHY!? Help if possible


It’s tricky, but once you’ve got the timing down it’s a piece of cake.

Basically, you’re looking to hit medium kick just as soon as you’ve started your run. If you press it too early, it won’t come out, and if you press it too late, Dan’ll block; it’s a tight link.

Input the run command whilst still in the animation of hard punch, then press medium kick just after the run, but not too soon and not too late.

Anyway, my advice would be to just practice the HP xx Run > GS over and over until you’ve got it down. The rest is easy.


Have fun on trial 5!


Oh, that’s cold.

Yet true.


Hard Trial 4 is the real Fuerte business.

With the Gordita Sobat thing, just spend some time linking the HP into it. Once you get a feel for the timing, you’ll be able to bust out the full combo no problem.


i gave up on whatever came after j HP, cl. HK, Super. the cl. HK took me forever to pull out and whenever I did I forget to do super. I managed to beat that some time ago but then I gave up on whatever came afterwards.