Stupid Kaillera Problems

I can’t seem to find any topics on the net on the following problem so I’m gonna post them up here and hope to get some answers.

Problem: Sometimes in the past whenever I joined God’s Weapon I would get (0 online users) and whenever I joined a game I would not appear in the current players list and neither would anyone else. This was usually due to a ping time out and I would simply have to change names and rejoin. Lately though it ALWAYS happens and even when I change my name or come in with a different IP I am unable to play any games there.

I’m wondering if I am somehow banned or if there’s something going on with God’s Weapon Server. Any info would be of great help.

Much Regard

  • Jin

Are you routed? Although many times I didn’t have one and would get the same problem. This was also blamed on a bug that could happen if too many people were in the server, but as far as I know that was also fixed.

If you’re banned I think you get a message saying so, but I could be wrong…it’s been awhile.

Dude why are you still playing on kaillera?