Stupid mags question

I’d try this on my own, but I only have one controller and nobody here plays marvel.

I know you can mash out of the HG xx Tempest. I’ve seen and done with cable: Mash out, AHVB on mags…

If this is done with mags vs mags, would it be possible to do:

[air combo] xx HG XX Tempest, other mags mashes out, HG xx Tempest.

-would they trade hits with the tempest stuff flying?
-If they didnt trade, would the first mags be able to mash out and do a HG xx Tempest? Maybe repeat it back and forth…

i don’t see mags trading with the HG, if your HG hit when you pull him in one of the shards from his tempest should trade with yours. if he messes up his timing (you dont need to mash) and you HG him before it comes out you might grab him before the shards come out, but i dont see it happening if you mash, unless you somehow end up behind him.

he could definitely mash out if your HG xx tempest works, but it would be infinitely smarter to just mash LK and LK,MP,MK, etc him out of the air if you think you can hit him.

yeah… it’s very hard to see your character bail out of the HG… just block or do something easier. things like that are just some fancy i think.

The thread title says it all…would be cool tho if you could repeat back and forth hgxxtempest, mash out, hgxxtempest, mash out, hgxxtempest, mash out, Etc.

sounds like good practice to me for learning to mash out of hgxxtempest tho.

best advice with mag is: Learn to tri-jump…lol