Stupid problem: Mic audio level issue

Hey all.

So I have a problem with the ingame audio with my 360, and I wanted to bounce it off of you people to see what might be done about it.

Problem: The audio from other people’s microphones on ANY XBL game is VERY quiet for me…to the point where if I can’t completely disable in game music, I can’t make out anything that is said.

My settings:

Voice settings are set to both Headset and Speakers.

Mic volume (from the same config screen) is maxed out.

The volume wheel on my own headset is also maxed out.

Possible mitigating factor: The earpiece on my darn headset has never worked…so I unfortunately rely on hearing their voices through the normal audio output.

In this case, the audio goes from my 360 to my Denon tuner/amp, to a set of Bowers and Wilkins speakers…so you could say that my audio setup is superb.

My general questions:

  1. Does anyone else have this problem and if so…how did you solve it?

  2. Since my headset never worked, I wouldn’t know…is the in game voice audio from other people really loud when it goes over the headset??? If so, then the clear solution is for me to replace my headset.

I never really cared before I started playing HDR and then SF4…but now I really want to communicate clearly and not being able to hear what other people are saying is beyond frustrating.


Yes, voice from other players is MUCH louder through a headset than through the television.

well my next question is is this a wireless headset or wired headset ?

Sorry, should have mentioned that: Its the standard wired headset that came with the system.

I guess the best solution is to get a new headset then.


To confirm with Sleazoid, I have a working headset and when I set it to output from both headset and speakers, or just the speakers, it is ALWAYS very quiet from the speakers to the point where I would have to mute the in-game sound to hear other people.

Whereas the voice from the headset is much better. In my opinion MS really needs to sort this probem out because there is currently no point in directing voice chat through the speakers at all.

Thank you!

I was starting to wonder if it was a glitch in my firmware, a problem with the audio card…or god-only-knows-what.

And yeah I agree…they need to crank up the gain on mic audio in game by about 10x. Why this isn’t a user configurable setting blows my freaking mind.