Stupid question about my HRAP3 template


Hey everyone, this is my first time doing this, so hopefully this is easy to answer!

I downloaded a template for doing an art mod my HRAP3, it’s the one located on the first page of Now, I’ve seen newer templates that are larger in size, and while I’ve seen the measurements for an exact print should be on something like 17 x 11 paper, the completed template I made (according to the .tif I have in paint) is 16.22 x 9.62 with the black border and everything. How would I go about printing this correctly?


i used one of the templates i think from Arthongs page, but i went ahead and printed on legal sized paper and it worked just fine… just print it from photoshop in landscape, and dont let it do any scaling and it should be fine.


It would have been cooler if you made your Post in that Thread, instead of making this new one.

Tabloid size paper is 17" x 11".
That is where that measurement you typed came came from.

You only printing on 17" x 11" because that size is the minimum to fit art for HRAP.
So that sixteen-by-nine-whatever you got is the correct dimension.
(Size of Template is like 15" x 9".)

Just print at 100%, No Scaling.

To add.
You are going to turn off all the Layers before printing right?

The Button Hole, Joystick Hole, Turbo Hole should not be showing.
They are only there for visual reference when designing.
But for printing, should be turned off.

Better would be to have Template Outline turned off too.
That is to allow for buffer zone when cutting.

The Metal Panel is used as guide for cutting.