Stupid question about the original street fighter

yeah, i know this is a really stupid question, and this thread will get locked early on because of it…because I just don’t know the answer to it…no one ever mentions it…but I’ll ask it anyway…

why is it that we can’t get a compilation disc for a home console that includes–

Street Fighter 1,
Street Fighter 2,
Street Fighter 3

In other words, why is it that capcom never releases the first and original street fighter in a SF2 or SF3 compilation disc?

I just know that the original SF was ported to the TurboGRAFIX16 console…and renamed Fighting Street.
And that unlike the original SF from the arcades where you could only play as Ryu or Ken and no one else…The SF TurboGFX16 port let you play as any of the characters in the game.

Who owns the rights to SF1? shouldn’t it be capcom?
why won’t they port this game along with the other SFs?
what keeps this from happening?

here is my dream for my gaming library,even if i have to wait for it to come true 3 years from now…

getting a compilation disc that includes…

SF1<revamped and tweeked>
SF2<champ or turbo HD>

The complete SF series in one disc.

Am I asking too much from Capcom to make this dream happen?

Well, anyway…does anyone know the answer to my Q?

Street Fighter was emulated in Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed (PSP)…and Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 (PS2)

As for why there isn’t a disc containing all the Street Fighters…now that’s wishful thinking.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection brah

Also the first game is trash, don’t bother with it.

This is a question better asked at Capcom-Unity.

Pretty much…take your hopes and dreams to the SOURCE!!!

the only vids at youtube for SF1 show the horrible port for the turbo grafix 16.

LOL!, that is not the SF1 that i played in the arcades man. the arcade version of SF1 had 10x better graphics and gameplay than that piece of crap. and it was faster than that too.

no, i am talking about a accurate port of the SF arcade game…not that garbage. i don’t know if the capcom classics collection 2 game has which version of sf1 in it…but knowing 2D fighting companies’ streak of being lazy when it comes to updating and porting their games accurately…i can only guess capcom just transplanted the TG-16 version of this game to the ps2 instead of presenting the actual SF1 arcade game.

and no,…unlike in those doodoo vids of that doodoo port,…you could NOT do a 1hit shouryuken K.O. in the arcade version. or any 1hit K.O.s for that matter.

The SF1 ported in the Classics collection are from the arcade port…don’t know what you are referring to.

  1. CCC2 had the arcade port of SF1. And the special moves may not have done 100%, but they did a LOT of damage…
  2. SF1 was terrible because of hardware limitations back then. It was hard to consistently do specials, and only Ryu and Ken were available to play.
  3. And I honestly do not remember being able to play any of the other characters besides Ryu and Ken in Fighting Street…a friend of mine had it, and we were only able to play Ryu or Ken.

SF1 is such a terrible game by today’s standards. It’s only really worth a play through for nostalgia’s sake, and that’s really still pushing it.

I’d buy a street fighter collection containing all of them

hell I’d even buy a current gen version of anniversay collection

as a matter of fact I just want them to release SF3 on the console network stores

third strike was never really in a playable form in america until the collection and it didn’t get much press then

1]since i’ve never seen video{not up on youtube} of the sf1 port from ccc2, i don’t know how well it was transitioned from the arcade version.
2]yeah, it was harder to do specials back then. it definately wasn’t “fluid” in that game.
3] i never played the TG-16 version. i only heard about it. i heard you could play all of the characters…guess i heard wrong.
but that is why i said that if they ever make a compilation disc of all numeral SF games…that the SF1 game needed to be revamped and tweeked. i guess the ability to play all characters once unlocked needs to get added in too.