Stupid question, but

Been doing some exparimenting with Urien. Thus far (beginner) I’ve managed cr.hp -> EX Dangerous Headbutt -> lk.Shoudler Tackle. The problem is (XBL) I’ve seen people manage to add a second shoulder tackle, and as much as I try to patition, I cant seem to get a second one to come out (EX or otherwise), meanwhile still trying to get Ages Reflector to work. What exactly is it that brings out repeated shoulder-tackle juggles? Is there an alternate way to do this juggle combination?

Like I said, stupid question, but it’s a question.

not that im that great with urien but why are u doing lk tackle ??? i always use HK pushes em furthest :tup: and cancel it into fierce aegis and tackle em through it

Read the “Read Urien Combos” and the “Partioning vs. Buffering” threads. All of your questions will be answered there. Also, you may learn a thing or two.

You can’t link a second anything cept a cornered reflector on c. fp -> ex headbutt -> tackle, as you reach the juggle limit on the tackle.

The easiest way in my opinion is corner setups. Being able to perform 2 tackles (and in some cases 3 or 4) without EX-ing is simply just timing. Doing the first one as early as possible, and the second one as late as possible. You can read about how to accomplish those in where aznflict said, but after you do that, may I recommend going to training mode, urien vs any shoto, and doing c. fp -> ex tackle -> mk tackle -> mk tackle in the corner. It’s very easy once you have basic buffering down and leads you to better things like c. fp -> mk tackle -> mk tackle -> headbutt.

this is true tech and judging from the combo hes talking about you should be able to add another shoulder cause c.fp ex headbutt tackle, is only 5 hits and the second shoulder would be the 6th hit and the fact is if you’re doing ex moves in a combo its safe to assume he doesn’t have bar for aegis

nah ereet is right. ex headbutt is 2 hits but counts as 3 juggles.

I still have problems with the charging & buffering. I’ve read the faqs here but i don’t get it, I dont know if i’m charging too much or don’t wait the right timing or both. Example for the 2 tackles in corner, this is what i do: c.hp(i’m charging db at the same time) quickly a tap front then back+mk tackle ,then here is the problem. I dont know if i have to do after the mk tackle another tap front then back+mk tackle or just front & mk tackle. i know it’s sounds confusing but thats how i can explain it. Can someone explain to me how exactly how to do the charging for the tackles, please. Sorry my english by the way.

sorry i wish i had the answers but i dont im havin the same problems i think… i guess i cant connect with the second tckle not sure if im too slow but i tried as it is stated in the faq and as soon as he connects i would try the second tackle …i guess my question is do i do the second tackle as soon as i recover from the first tckle animation or as soo as he hits input the comand? anyway i will keep practicing… thanks for sharin the thread :slight_smile:

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Doing c. hp -> mk tackle -> mk tackle (or lk tackle) -> headbutt in the corner is just hard. It’s not something you’ll be able to pull every c. hp unless you’re timing is very, very accurate.

To put it plainly, during recovery for c. hp, you should hit forward, and then hold down&back for charge again. After recovery, hit mk. This should basically set it up so delay between c. hp and tackle is as small as possible, and allows the tackle to hit early. The first one is CRUCIAL, and the second one is just a result of doing the first one properly. If you do it correctly, you should have enough time to perform a second one very late (ie, right before he hits the ground), and resume charging down and back. If both tackles hit, and you were holding down back properly during this, you should get a free headbutt afterwards. :tup:

Wow thanks for the tips gona work on that.

I got the 2 tackles now sometimes but not when i want them to come out. How many secs u need to charge 1 tackle? And it’s hard for me for now do the dash then the headbutt. How exactly i have to do that? I’m getting frustrated because i’ve seen vids and it’s seem so easy how do ppl do 2,3 & 4 tackles in a row! & how they dash and do the headbutt and the knee just when they finished the dash. Thanks for the info so far.:tup:

just practice it A LOT.

With the dash and followed by the headbutt/knee you have to hold down for just a little bit after you actually finish dashing before you hit up. Most of the time it’s probably just you doing it too early so it doesn’t come out at all and that’s what frustrated me the most at the beginning. Assuming you’re going for the mid-screen unblockable you’d be charging down as soon as you do the hp tackle to catch them through the aegis and then you dash right after his tackle ends, HOLD DOWN right after you dash so that you see Urien begin to crouch (don’t just tap, hold it for a little less then a second…) then tap up and punch at the same time and you should get it. It’s hard in the beginning because your hands probably aren’t used to so many quick motions, but that’s why you practise and leave it up to your muscle memory.

Just do cr.fierce, Ex Tackle, RH tackle, mk tackle. Really good since it only uses half bar of super but you gain it back through the tackles, you gain some meter back AND you get to do unblockable.