Stupid question: Where can i see my win / lose ratio?

Want to know as well.

But the game lacks some other stats too, like total playtime for example.

In the beta it was in one of the tab you cant access right now.

Would be nice, it’s pretty lame having to count your previous matches. lol

I’m assuming it keeps track in Ranked Mode (I haven’t ventured there yet), but it would be nice if it also kept track of the Casual Mode W/L record as well.

Really, there ought to be a ton of stats…it’s not like it’s that hard to keep track of…Madden has been doing it for DECADES.

It should be in the battle log

since this thread is sort of fitting… could it be that the fighter profile stats are bugged/ not working yet?

It’s supposed to show hit rate, throw success rate etc etc. But it’s all just 0.00%

It seems to cut in and out for me. Sometimes I’ll play a match and no one’s rank or LP are showing (it’s just lines). Then the match is over and I’ll see that the LP updated.