Stupid sayings


What are some sayings, phrases, quotes, etc. that you hate for whatever reason? I really hate this one:

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

That makes no sense.

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Yes it does. If you eat the cake, there’s no cake left, therefore, you have eaten the cake but you don’t have it any more.

Conversely, you may choose to not consume the cake. You’ll have it for as long as you don’t eat it, but the catch is that you can’t eat it.


But what else do you want to do with the fucking cake? Unless your plan is to fuck it, there is no purpose in keeping the cake. And if you keep it for later it will go stale and therefore you can’t eat it anyway. Fuck that saying.


But the whole point of buying the cake in the first place is to eat it. You don’t buy a cake with the intent of hanging it on your wall.


The cake is a lie!


Shit dude I don’t know.


“its all water under the bridge now”


But technically isn’t that having the cake? If I say I’ll have a double bacon cheeseburger and upon receiving it, I consume it thus I have gotten my burger and have eaten it.

I have had the burger no matter how short the period of possession was.


you can’t have your kayak and heat it too <— now that one makes sense



If you want stupid sayings just watch 1 episode of this show. It’s filled with more stupid/what the fuck sayings than a stoned English major in a barrel.


I also don’t like the phrase “near-miss.” Shouldn’t it be “near-hit”?


I hate it when people say I’ll give it 110% or I rate it 12 out 10!!! >_<

This one never made sense to me “lends itself well to”


“I’m gonna smack you up-side the head.”


when sometimes talks about something they don’t care about they say:

“i could care less” so you care a little bit then? wtf

it should be “i couldn’t care less”. that makes sense.


“You should have to pass a test/get a license to have children”

I wonder if those people would feel the same way after they failed the test because they’re not as smart as they think.


“never say never”

“(insert blank here) is going to hell in a hand basket”. What is so special about the hand basket?

“what is this world coming to?” usually it is said after reading a sad or horrifying news article about an isolated incident that has nothing to do with the general direction society is moving towards.

also, when people say “7 by 24” instead of “24/7”. I can’t tell if they are talking about size/measurements or how frequently something occurs…


Olde english: “I intend to strike you upon the side of your head.” How’s that, chief? Clearer?


“It is what it is”


Nothing’s impossible! Never tell me the odds! Never surrender, never say die! You’ve got the heart of a hero. Never surrender, keep hope alive! You’re standing strong in the eye of a storm. Something keeps pushing you on, never surrender! Uh…ahem…got a little carried away there.

As for the 7 by 24 crap…are you in the UK? They have all manner of slang that has no sensible translation and just plain sounds silly.


It sucks, can’t be changed, might as well accept it.