Stupid Sh!t with magneto

I got my old name back finally so i’m making a new thread.

This thread will NOT answer questions about infinites.

However it will be about random shit that we(the magneto using public) pull out our ass.

As of late i’ve been interested in unmashable resets(jamming on lk or any other attack as you dash under ect), i’m becoming a soo wannabe over here:lol:

I know the basic ones after triple fierce/double fierce combos BUT i’m still experimenting so i’ll have some later.

Oh and magneto’s unescapeable guardbreak is entirely cheap.

as character is coming in

If you sj lk,lk early then

a) they mash attack - this will beat 95% of the attacks

b) they pushblock- the guardbreak is free, just make sure to land by whiffing an attack and dash over a little and sj lk,lk again.

c) the important one, if they took the hit they die.

the one lk guard break has real problems here

just taking the lk

(which is becoming common, somone sj lk’s once for the guard break, person eats it then blocks whatever side you decide to go on.)

Anyways, the timing is a little more strict but it’s nearly 100% consistent if you get good at.(definetly worth it too)

Just for reference the guard break is

sj lk,lk delay airdash lk,lk



Any resets especifically for mag/cyke?

I’ve been playing that duo lately and I want to implement them in my tourney rotation but I need some specific stuff not “mag/psy-ish” combos, resets and strats.

Anything will do.

You can win as long as you don’t try to play like “ilikebeingalive”

Then you run balls first into AAA :smiley:

Mag/felicia coming up…:smiley:

all assists:p

mixup: magneto with chun-li expansion or felicia healing assist.

:eek: Too powa~ !

Even with her scratch ball assist? You got more balls than me :confused:

How can I tri-dash fk rush down like Chi does now? He says you told him the tech. Infinite into Reset. What? Too good.

mixup is god

just get your electric slide on

if it doesnt work, beat on joystick/girlfriend, then try again

what I want to know is…this whole fireball motion to do a throw when you’re dashing it, is that ever a good strategy?

does cable’s j. lp beat mag’s sj lk?

why does mixup smell and always have hard nipples?

mixup is god


yeah that strat is a good one if you have a good throw into assist.

Especially with ironman, dead character.

As for cable, the range on the lp is deceptive, pause it sometime to see how long his arm really is…

And thats the thing, try to guard break him but do it a little late, his lp will hit you. Do your lk early and you’ll beat him by a hair. you can work with that.:slight_smile:

Alright, forget about all them resets w/ assists, et’s hear about some of themose unmashable resets you’ve been experimenting on :wink: :cool: :D.

Oh yeah, and IMO, Magneto/Cyclops can be played pretty much like Magneto/Psylocke, but instead of a [juggle]> XX (whatever) after a>, you’d jus’ do (Dash over), air-dash d/f->> \ / (whatever). They both pretty much lead to the same thing, jus’ start out different ways.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

yes fuck resets, its not worth the risk missing the reset or them blocking the reset

unless you’re mixup, then all bets are off:D

yeah right

in the corner

c. lk., c. hp, sj lp, sj lk, sj mp, pause, fk grab, air dash up lp, lk, lp, can you pause again and grab them with the fk or fp grab? or something like that?

ok, its another thing to rush down with mag. but another thing to be getting rushed down. i mean i can block the regular routine(low,high, low) but i cant block randoms. whats the trick? ppl say just avoid tri’s. buts its kinda hard when mag lands right when u land and tri’s jumps right on you when u block low for safety. i mean i dont even have time to check low. its like u gottah get lucky. i call my anti air and mag is so quick that he stops my anti air because he hits me lol. wtf. help me out. peace.

i finally messed around with felicia and magneto.

Gawd damn do they suck together:eek: :lol:

The ONLY things i got from this duo

her ground type seems like it would be useful vs doom assist/bh ect.

Her flying kick crap move lol, in the corner you can, tempest for like 85% life.

The dhc’s with this team are retarded. felicia punch super(where she beats your ass) into tempest hail ect is just wrong.

not very compatible, the only way i could get the assists to combo properly were in unlikely situations.


Her little scratch assist is funny tho, has otg properties at least.
I did cross-ups to get it to hit…lol…

sup mixup good thread

mag/marrow a/b has unmashable tempest, if you want a random joke team just combo the usual way

i think short short psy,, (force roll), dash into overhead, crossup, same side, whatever is good. ive started to use that

What about Mag/Spidey/Doom or Mag/Spidey/Storm or Mag/Spidey/Sen ? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just curious Mixup and ekin to see what u two think of them.

Just wanted to Post!!! Good thread Mike !!!
:smiley: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


how about some


what kinda setups can come off tron proj assist?

short short assist go nutz, it’s all you need.

Also mag/tron has the best resets in the game, just go to either side however you want and drop tron with, go nuts. Freeeee!!!

It’s so good because you can be fuckin random.

At hate random… But im Mindless so…Well yeah… You too Mike at times your Mindless…MSP…

I did that playing MSP vs MSP…

if you triangle hk same side Mag can wake up c.lp->launch,, etc…dont know about triangle lk lk though