Stupid things said when you beat them

What are some of the stupid things that you hear when you beat someone to a bloody pulp?

  1. My (insert relative or friend here) would beat the shit out of you in this game!
  2. Hey, thats CHEAP!
  3. No throwing! throws are for newbies! (got that 2 nights ago on zbattle in mk2)
    and my personal fav, comes up FAR more often than you would think…
  4. Stop blocking!

EVERYTIME i beat this scrub, he always says, “man, i was going to do (insert random scrub tactic) here, then you would’ve been dead.”

so why didn’t you do it:rolleyes:

people love to bitch about buttons and sticks also, but only if they’re losing of course. and then we’ll go into the diagnostics and everything works perfectly.

oh yeah, i love it in cvs2 how if somebody gets thrown they’ll mash the jab button like if they mash hard enough, they’ll magically regain the life they lost for getting thrown. even though they should just be double tapping fierce to tech throw…


i dont know, go find it then come back and play.

i got this one last week.

and in cvs2 i throw one of my friends alot and he tells me to stop cause its cheap:rolleyes:

ever notice that the relitive/friend that they have ALWAYS lives in another state? I did have one guy thet DID produce his cousin, a self-proclaimed “street fighter god”… I must have forgotten to worship him, cuz i kinda got 26 wins in a row on him with Zangief… (ssf2t)

yeah i whooped the scrub then he said “damn it i wish my cousin was here” and i was like “were is he” and the scrub walked away and didnt ssay a word.

umm after i ocv’ed someone wid mag he sed…

“Thats so fuckin cheap…everyone and their grandmother can do that”

oh yea motherfucker if its so easy why didnt YOU do it…

Master Pussy: New combo Vid out!

“You can’t beat me with a real character so you had to pick a cheese character and cheese me.”

yun (me) vs necro (scrub guy)

“They’re too strong. It’s not fair.”

“D@mn Headcrush…”

“Fck that big green motherfcker!”

“I hate super armor.”

These are by far the most common for me… :lol:

“Sol is Cheap, good players do not need to play a Sol!”

“Sagat should be banned!”


after landing sent unblockable and killing a character

“OMFG, i was fuckin blocking!!” ::starts holding back real tight and wiggling the stick::


“how in the fuck did that connect”

“dan lvl 4 k groove is cheap” (this deserves a wtf)

ok, since you said so.


I was blocking!!! come on…

ALSO, OmG this is nothing like Sf2, is it was sf2, u would have been Owned

ME: well, thats y they didn’t call the game that, cuz its not SF2…(i look around) bitch.

And finally, when can blanka do that…

hell yes it’s cheap. Run away DAN DAN FILA is my strategy against someone i can’t beat, and i just wait for the clock to expire!!!

“Ryu and Ken are so cheap.” -me in Super SF2 (NC)

…Well aren’t they?!?

Playing Makoto in SF3, parrying fireballs from across the screen:

“Oh, you got some sorta forcefield, huh?”

“Don’t run away”

Well you fucking dumbass this is MvsC2. Maybe you should go over to the Tekken machine.


starts spinning half-circles for double FB


Super. KO.

“What the…? I blocked that!!!”