"Stupid" TV/Game moments so awesome you didn't care. (Please use spoiler tags)


Focus: this topic will be about moments in TV/Video Games that didn’t make sense AT ALL from a logical standpoint. However, they were so cool/funny that you just don’t care. But we’re talking really stupid here. Stuff that would make the show “jump the shark” if it wasn’t awesome to watch or served no purpose for the series.

I got my DVDs for Season 7 of The Shield weeks ago, but am just now sitting down to really enjoy them. For those of you who don’t know, The Shield is a show about a corrupt Anti-Gang police task force (named the Strike Team) and the detectives that work alongside them. I recommend buying the DVDs or watching it whereever you go to watch TV online. Start from episode 1 (or at least somewhere in the 1st season) though.

Anyway, the 7th season is the last, and something happens near the end that’s awesome and harrowing to watch (especially if you’ve been following the show since the beginning). However, it’s surrounded on all sides by stupid. I’ll put this in a spoiler tag:

Episode 712 of The Shield


One final warning: knowing about the moment I’m about to talk about takes drama out of THE ENTIRE SHOW. If you’re interested in watching the show someday, I recommend you stop looking at this right now and just post your own moment.

The moment: Vic Mackey confesses everything he and his team did to Olivia (a federal I.C.E agent he’s been helping with cases) as part of an immunity deal Olivia was able to secure for him. Olivia is shocked, and Ronnie (the last living member of the Strike Team still loyal to Vic at this point) has been betrayed.

Why it’s stupid: Olivia did NO research at all into why Vic would want immunity. In the time it took to get the deal cleared, she could have asked around about him or used the kind of databases a fed would have access to. Vic’s 12 year old daughter had a friend with a lawyer dad. At the friend’s house, she did a search for Vic on some special lawyer database and saw ALL the stuff Vic was accused of (killing people and the like). Olivia didn’t even use google.
Also, I don’t even know if immunity deals can even cover all the crap Vic did in the first place.

Why I don’t care: For one, it was a great scene. Secondly, this shook me to the core. A major element of the show is how Vic cares about his team. Watching him toss what’s left of his team under the bus (though he thought he had a good reason) made the show feel almost brand new for the series finale (next episode). Before then, I had kind of wanted Vic and Ronnie to escape what looked to be their ultimate fate of prison or death. By next week, I had no “wants” anymore. I was just on the edge of my seat watching what happens.

What about you guys? Have you seen anything in TV/Movies/Games that would’ve turned you off to the series if it wasn’t handled great? If you post a moment, please use a spoiler tag. There’s already a topic near the top of this forum on how to use spoiler tags if you don’t know already.


Resident Evil 5


Pretty much the best quick-time event of all time.




I remembered some:

Batman:Arkham Asylum


The Moment: At some point in the game near the very end, Batman gets the Line Launcher, which is like a grappling hook, only you use it on walls to get wherever it is you point.

Why it was stupid: Batman just calls up a batpod and it drops the thing down. This gadget we could have used the entire game gets dispersed in a way that, presumably, could have happened at almost any point in the entire game. Normally, you have to fight to get gadgets as important. This seemed like an “Oh yeah; duh” moment, which again could have happened at almost any point in the game

Why I didn’t care: The gameplay before and after was still good.

Mortal Kombat:Shaolin Monks


The Moment: This: [media=youtube]_Hrk7BBwvTQ[/media]

Why it was stupid: Really?

Why I didn’t care: It makes me laugh every time.


I know this is a movie…

Star Wars Ep 2


The Moment - The scenes where Anakin and Padme are alone together on Naboo where you see their relationship develop

Why it is stupid - Ok, I don’t think its necessarily stupid, but awkward to watch. The dialog is weird

Why I didn’t care - I have unconditional love for Star Wars haha. A few scenes isn’t going to turn me off from it. Not just that, but I rationalize the awkwardness of the scene to myself by saying that Anakin is very young in the scene, and everyone is awkward about love at that age.