Sturdy and compact sticks?

Is there such a thing as a good, sturdy and compact stick. A stick that one can carry in a small satchel type bag? Suction pads? :smiley:

Do you have such a contraption?


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^Beautiful case souji5! How tall is it? What kind of wood?

How willing are you to do heavy-ish mods? I’ve used Hori Fight Stick 3/Wii cases modded with LS-32’s and premium buttons for a while. They work very well.

I’ve only recently gotten my hands on premium sticks (2 TEs and an HRAP 3 SA). I can fit two of those in a back pack for when I go to friend’s houses.

The reason why I mentioned LS-32’s is that when you mount a JLF in these things the shaft is way long. That’s what was in that Sol Badguy stick, but I’ve since mothballed it and put it’s components into another stick. I never ever used the thing because I hated it.

Barring that, grab a Madcatz SE.

self promotion.
the smaller one is about the size of the face only of the SE. AKA about -1 inch from each dimension by comparison.
its about 2 inches tall.

Thanks Raoul :tup:

Bloodwood :wgrin: Heavy as a brick so it makes for great compact material as it gives that added weight you loose with a smaller stick.

I can understand what you’re looking for, just be mindful that there is such a thing as too compact.

Gotta have enough comfort room for proper hand placement on both the stick and buttons. For example i once bought a Nice custom happ a few years back, the problem was it was a little too short on the stick side, so my hand felt like it was constantly hugging the edge of the case. Lame.

Weight is not so much of an issue though, as one can always add weights to the inside of their stick. Mainly the issue is hand room.

Thanks fellas.

I just wondered if anyone had gone past the dimensions shown above and ventured into the realms of mini stick. Sacrificing a bit of hand room or even weight for the “too compact” stick. :smiley:

Personally, I have my TE for at home, but for playing SF at work, I just pop my fightpad in my bag, but I much prefer a stick.

Imagine using Sanwa ‘Start’ button-size buttons for the PPP/KKK buttons :smiley:

What sort of employment do you have, that you can play Street Fighter at work?

Get a console into the workplace and play SF on breaks! Aw yeah.