stxt or umvc3


hi need help deciding what to get what do you think is better online wise consedring lag and other factors
i play sf4 and im good at it just need help deciding which next game to play
im sorry if this vague any help is apperciated ^^


SFxT is getting a lot and I do mean a lot of hate due to the locked dlc, but overall it is a good game and it has potential to be on par with sfiv. UMvC is one of the most popular titles atm, fairly easy to get in to. Lots of characters that are good to use. I play xT more then I do Marvel so my answer is pretty biased. Go for xT as it’s getting a bit balance update next week.


i dont really care that ppl hate on it if anything it makes it a better game in my eyes and dont really care about the locked dlc stuff ppl are crying about
thx for reply :slight_smile:


I would say MvC3 is the better game, but likely SFxT is better online. MvC3 is pretty much unplayable online and is really only good for getting used to a new character and then you are forced into offline again.


SFxT is a lot more like SF than Marvel. It depends if you want a slight change or a large one. You haven’t really told us the factors that make you enjoy fightan.


This is personal opinion, but I wouldn’t get into SFxT seriously because, objectively, it’s a dying game.

If I wanted to play a dead game just for kicks I’d choose a classic like Vampire Savior or something.


well i know about fighting more than i should, modern ones anyway
my main concern was on the online part(lag,how many ppl play online.etc)
i used to like mvc3 so much but when umvc3 started i stopped enjoying it the game seemed boring to me
the only proplem i see in sfxt are the color they are kinda ugly but i think ima go for sfxt
thx for the replies.


They are probably tied for worst online in a fighting game (maybe Persona is worse, we’ll see). Just thought you’d like to know.


Not sure if srs, i dont like sfxt but the netcode is much better than umvc. SFxT uses a rollback netcode.


All I’ve heard was complaints from all manner of people, online and off. Maybe they’ve patched out the problems, I dunno.


its been patched a long time ago man. and the complaints were just about the sound issues. the game is ass but the netcode is good.


Don’t get SFxT on PC, it’s a straight port and all the updates are coming literally 5 months after the fact. The PC version is STILL on version 1.02, the patch the console version got like 3 weeks after release.


oh wow, still on 1.02, I feel sorry for the PC gamers. Console is already on 1.05.


Both games are radically different. Some people would say that SFxT falls in between the slow paced SSF4AE and crazy fast UMVC3. Some people I know complained that SFxT is too “jump-happy” compared to SSF4, but I am not a very patient player and I like to rushdown. I have both. SFxT (ON CONSOLES) has a decent netcode (The ranked matchmaking is not as good as SSF4 though and it can take ages to find a ranked game from time to time), but I can get good online games in UMvC3 with European players who have a good connection. I am not playing SFxT at the moment, because I really dislike players who abuse the Auto-Block and Auto-Tech gems, but thankfully they’re getting nerfed next week.


sfxt really disappointed me, on top of that its slowly dying. go for broke


Personally speaking, as someone who’s new to fighting games. I absolutely can’t stand SFxT, it feels clunky and strange, and my friend who’s heavier into the FGC says that it has a lot of problems. I read nothing but hate on it. I would recommend UMvC. I actually really like that game. It’s extremely fast paced and quite enjoyable, especially because anything can happen in 99 seconds.


Don’t choose. Get both. Anyone who tells you SFxT is dying is foolish. I played online yesterday never waited for a match and only was matched with the same person twice in 2 hours. Just because the 99% faction of SRK trolls shit on the game because they are pissy about having to pay to unlock content dose not mean they represent the majority of the game buying public. They don’t.
If you plan to play UMvC3 online be sure to get a low lag monitor or you will be turned into a pillar of salt. As far as the difference between AE and SFxT. Two huge differences is the wake-up game and the zoning game. With the roll option meaty attacks are not effective and can cause you to eat a big combo. Jumps are different than in SF4 so you can eat a combo if you try to zone from the wrong distance. Learn your standing anti-airs and this will shutdown the mad jumpers :slight_smile:


yea im well aware about the game mechanics and i think im gonna get sfxt i dont think marvel is for me
thx everyone for the replies