Style with the Power Glove, and ET for the Atari at Gamestop


Gamestop is offering retro games on their powered up rewards service.


Now how much are those “points” worth?
Otherwise you are probably better off just going to ebay.


What odin said. if 10K is 10 dollars then its cheaper just to go to ebay.


Through lots and lots of money paid on my GS card, I have 23k points. So I can’t even get any of these games. Basically paying 30 bucks for a cart that’s worth about 5 bucks nowadays.


Fear Effect

Holy shit.
This is considered a classic?


It’s Retro Games, not classic games. I don’t think anyone finds E.T. or Mortal Kombat on SNES a classic.


Gamestop is playing to win the game of capitalism.


I don’t know if you remember when Fear Effect came out, but it was a huge deal.


MK for SNES was not a classic. Nor a good game. Terrible.


meh i wouldnt get any of those games I need

Bug too
Little Samson
Pro Am racing 2
Klonoa 2
Super Princess Peach Nintendo DS
Rockman and forte
MegaMan V Gb
Panzer Dragoon
guardian heroes
Adventure Island II
sky blazer
trag mission of mercy

and my game collection is complete fuck little samson being a 180.00 game


Part 3 was the best in the series.


is this a joke?


Youtube it and find out.

[spoiler=]It was never finished, but they have finished FMV and full voice work on them. Basically it was in production but was put to a stop because part 1 and 2 sucked.[/spoiler]


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