Styles (or themes) don't work in Firefox


I’m using Firefox 5.0, and the light and dark themes just display as the default forum theme, which is mostly blue and white. Even switching to SRK Dark doesn’t change anything. Both of the current themes display properly in Internet Explorer and Chrome, though.

Just thought I’d mention it, as a lot of people, myself included, prefer Firefox. Thanks!


Happening to me too. When I select Dark Theme on the main page it works, but when I try it on the forums it just stays blue and white.

Also use Firefox 5.0.


The problem has been fixed! The format for SRK URLs has slightly changed, but that can be dealt with.

That’s just what the front page looks like now.

Firefox 5.0 is great.

EDIT: If you’re still having this problem, it should be resolved if you delete your cookies and try again.


Still having this problem even though I cleared my cookies and cache.



Seriously, almost every issue anyone seems to ever have on the web can be solved with “Stop using FireFox”.


I feel Chrome is terrible, so no.