Sub-bosses wearing HK color outfits?

This was something interesting i noticed a few days ago.
While i was playing through the arcade mode of Third Strike with Sean, i noticed that my sub-boss (Ken) was wearing his HK color outfit (the white Gi) instead of his default LP color (red Gi).

Obviously since i lost the match, i decided to switch to another character (Elena) and i got to fight her sub-boss, Makoto in the black Gi (also her HK color outfit) instead of her default white/yellow.

I experimented further and intentionally lost so i can switch characters. This time i selected Yun and fought Yang (in his HK purple color outfit).

So yeah, somehow the game decides to switch the colors of the sub-bosses to their HK color instead of the LP color. I’m just curious as to what triggers this (maybe it was the amount of continues i used) and if anyone else also noticed this quite possibly useless observation. :rofl:

This may be totally wrong, but I think when I used to play the DC version, if you held a certain button on the 2p controller the CPU would have a different outfit. If you have another controller hooked up then maybe one of the buttons was accidentally being pressed.

But like I said, this might be incorrect, I just vaguely recall experiencing it a long time ago.

Heh, I remember that also on the DC version as well. I didn’t know how it was done, I even forgot about that experience until you mentioned it.:lol:

I wonder if it applies to PS2 and XBOX versions as well.:wonder:

I notice in the demos when the arcade machine is idle, there is a black gi makoto as well, and always wondered why.