Sub Character for Karin



I have Karin as my main, but I still have trouble with some characters (Chun, Nash, Mr. Tator, etc.)

Seriously, what’s a good sub to have to accompany Karin? I am open to suggestions.


A trend I find myself in is for every fighting game I have a pocket ‘shoto’, or a character that either has tools I lack or just tools I want in general (In sf4 I mained Yang subbed Poison, In Guilty it’s Millia/Sin, BlazBlue Noel/Ragna). Imo I would pick a character with solid AA and an invincible reversal unlike what she has past meter. I use a mix of Ken/Chun/Nash but it also depends on what you are personally finding hard vs said characters, maybe try out Cammy.


I play Karin(rushdown), Birdie(grappler) and Rashid(all over the damn place). Like Gesellschaft said, have a pocket shoto is not a terrible idea as they have fireballs and anti air options that we don’t and help cover those areas in certain match ups. Try Ken, he can rushdown but can also deal with Chun/Nash match ups differently than Karin.


I really liked playing Ken, helped understand SFV’s mind games better.
I’m between Nash and Mika as subs at the moment.
And will definitely main Ibuki once again.
Juri and Urien should be sexy, after seeing Alex my faith in Capcom is settled.