Sub character?

Jin is my main. I used Noel the second most and Ragna ONCE but it still says Ragna is my sub no matter how many times I use Noel. How come.

No idea. Mine is the same. Noel is my main, but I played Ragna a little bit for the first day. Since then, I’ve used Rachel a lot up until now. Still says Ragna as a sub, though.

I think it only applies to ranked games. But I dunno, mine says no sub after several games with litchi. Might have just been player match tho, don’t recall.

I think it doesn’t update every day :open_mouth:
maybe every week or so?

I don’t understand how that system works either. When I first got the game, I let my friend play player match with Noel a little bit. Once I started playing ranked, it said that my main was Noel, which I understood because my friend used her a number of times.

I started playing a lot of ranked matches with Jin but for some reason it still said that my main was Noel even though my friend had only played with her for about half an hour. I knew for a fact that I’d been using Jin a lot more than my friend used Noel. It took like four days for the game to finally change my main to Jin, lol.

So I guess it does take time for the game to switch the main and sub characters.

It says Ragna is my sub as well, and I’ve used him like 4 times.

It says Ragna is my sub too and I’ve never used him. I only use Rachel.

Bang. Because Nu’s my main.

i know its wierd for the longest my main has been noel and i always sub v-13 for unfavorable matches i ended up mistakenly picking ragna 2-3 times and it says my sub is ragna i think its just a bug with the system

Lol. ^

And glad I’m not the only one…

It has to be ranked only. I have 500ish games played in ranked (495 as Rachel and 5 as my brother playing Noel) and 100 or so in players (probably 30 Rachel, 50 Taokaka, and 20 Noel) and it shows Noel as my alt still.

I main nu… i was goign 2 sub carl… then rachel… but i like Noel the best

The D-card thing only updates once a week or so… had more games with Taokaka than I did with Noel in ranked and Tao didn’t even show up as a sub until a week later where it switched directly to Tao main, noel sub.

My sub is Hakumen. My main is Arakune.

Who cares.

Bang. Because Arakune’s my main.

The reason that you will not see your sub change is because of a latency issue with the server holding that information.

I’ve watched many who’ve had the same situation as you. It will change, There is a specific set time that it will change. I’ve watched mine change…though I’ve got a horrid memory and can’t remember the specific time.

It will eventually change, give it about two days and it will change.