Subliminal tag request

Can one of you guys help me out here

i need a large tag that flashes cute images of baby animals, like a couple of puppies, a kitten, a baby chick, and a snake

then i would like the words BIG COCK to flash very quickly, like less than half a second, as well as a smiley face randomly thrown in for good measure

thanks in advance


come on now guys, forget your morals and help a brotha out!!


holy jebus, can a guy get a response or something?

like a fuck no, or a i got joo dawg, or maybe a suggestion to STFU??

anything will do

but seriously, if some body could make me a cool tag, with a random half nekkid chick on it that would be cool, but what i’m really looking for is something offensive and just plain wrong, thank you

Well before you go and mouth off to anyone who doesn’t care or what not,you should let them know what the width and length is at least.

okay, STFU!!!

hrm, my bad guys, um, 3’ by 12’, wait, thats my cock

man, i dont fucking know, their isnt a limit that i’m adhearing to so thats why i didnt state that, so just go nuts, make that shit as big as you want, JUST GO FUCKING CRAZY!!!

Too funny.


That’s not a tag…that’s an avatar.:confused:


yeah, I know I realized that after Iposted it.