Submit pics for the Top 50 A$$es Thread hosted in GD

First, i would like to point out that this is not another “hot girl” thread but this is a seperate thread for people to post their submission of pics or names to who they would like to see in the 2nd anuual Top 50 phatest asses thread which will be hosted in GD later on this month. also, if this goes well, i will have a thread like this opened once a year around this time or in the begining of march of each year just so people can get a chance to take part in this. the only thing that’ll be similar to the other threads is the same rules still apply. i dont think i should have to repost those in here since they should be considered “common sense” by now.

anyway, what should be expected will go along the lines of what i posted in the awareness version of this thread in GD:

with last year’s rank

50. Arekah
48. Diamond Marie
46. Latin Spice aka J. Lo's sister
45. Ayisha
43. Lexxy
42. Decca
36. Redd
35. Beatriz Escobar
33. Amber Easton
31. My Darling Nikki aka Hoopz
30. Michelle
22. Summer Walker
18. Ice LaFox
14. Scarlet
13. Jessica Black
11. "Miss Juicy" (i'm heatbroken)
4. Selena Spice aka Andrea Rencon (even more heartbroken)

and these are the asses that have the potential to stay but they might not make it because they either have no new pics, or just not up to par like they were in the past:

with last year’s rank

40. Kari Sweets
39. Jaime Koeppe
32. D'Nika Romero
29. Zenadia Flavorz
28. CuteTaye
26. Celeste
23. Vanessa Veasley
21. Serena Williams
20. Melyssa aka PryclessQT
19. Tiane
15. Carla aka Viviane from Onion Booty
9. Drea Nicole
3. Cherokee
1. Ki Toy

the first box above is finale cuts. there’s nothin that you can say or do to change my mind about those, maybe next year, but the 2nd list is of most importance. now, as of the girls in the last list, these ladies still have a fighting chance but it’ll be YOUR decision. what i mean by that is if you dont want to see them cut out the list then you need to post some new pics of them in here.

another thing that’ll be different is you can post a girl OF ANY COLOR in this thread. my only thing is that she’s gotta have some kind of ass. i know that all women and races of women are built differently (this is why i like women so much) so i understand that there’s a strong chance we wont be seeing any azn chick with a ass like Serena Williams (natural anyway, lol) so just know i’m keepin’ that part in mind. i mite just have a seperate list for asian and PAWGS but i’m not sure yet.

lastly, for those who dont know exactly what’s goin on then go here:

i would like this thread closed on 3/26/07 which will mean no more girls will be taken in consideration. i’ll have the final thread opened by the 29th or later in GD. if you do post a girl in here but she still didnt make the list she’ll be in the honorable mention category.

I’m not even sure what to make of the contest, or if it’s even gonna fly on SRK.
I do know I don’t want another thread (however temporary it may be).

You’re welcome to conduct the submission process by PMs / email / whatever, but there’s no guarantee that this contest will get to see the light of day.

thread closed.