Subs for Rose



Hey guys,

I have been enjoying a great run with Rose and she’s been my main for awhile now, and will probably stay my main for a good while yet!
When I meet characters like Fei Long with higher BP I tend to get in trouble, especially when I get really rushed down. I’m looking for a solid alt character to deal with the really hard matchups.

I had been playing Dan, but that’s not really viable, although lots of fun! Who do you use next to Rose and why?

I’m still considering quite a few characters:

  1. Makoto
  2. Honda
  3. Sagat
  4. Ken
  5. Dee Jay
  6. Adon
  7. Sakura

Who would you pick?


I sometimes bring out Makoto, Sakura or Abel but that’s just because I used to main them in the past, also Fei but I can’t help going auto pilot with him.

Fei probably would be a good secondary, maybe you should check who does well against Seth/Akuma/Cammy or Roses other bad matchups.

I also have a good feeling about Sagat but idk too much about him :smiley:


I can barely play Rose, never mind anyone else!

I do sometimes fancy learning a bit of Cody, but at my level I figure I might as well play just Rose anyway and try and learn the matchup.


I brought out Chun Li once in my tournament career. That’s it though lol. It was a successful counterpick too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Who was it a counterpick for, out of interest?


Balrog lol.


Is the Rose - Balrog match that bad?

And I settled on Dee Jay for now; for some reason I can’t resist that annoying happy-go-lucky guy with the huge smile :wink:
Add the fact that I never spent any time in Training Mode and have been toying around with it for the past weekend, my game has made some signifanct strides… should have gone into training mode way earlier!


Mind you, Dee Jay as an alt to Rose, not the other way round! :smiley:


Rose with Fei is a good combination
Rose with Yun too


I don’t have alts.
I just look at Rose’s bad matchups and these 2 can cover most of them lol


Rose has been my main since the end of super, but recently i’ve started playing Viper as an alt. She plays so differently that it’s pretty refreshing to bring her out after i’ve been playing all day with Rose.


I’ve been messing around with so many characters and like I said, never took the time to really explore their potential in Training Mode. Rose is the first character where I’m making this effort; having Dee Jay as a backup is refreshing indeed. I spent my time dividing time between Rose and Dee Jay and it made me enjoy the game a lot more again!

All the other characters I discarded might be picked up later, or simply be used every now and then in some fun Endless session!


I’ve been using Rose a lot more recently but Seth was my main for a while. Still trying to figure out which one I’m more comfortable with.


I use Rose and Cammy. They fill each others match ups well.