Substitute for Competition

I need to hone my skills, but I Dont really have access to much competition.
One way is to practice combos, strings, ect but that gets boring quick.
The other way is to play a ton of people, which I cant do easily.
So Im wondering if you guys have some tips about what I should do in lack of a great competition scene.

To practice footsies, just set ex groove with Rolling only, no bar , and just practice your spacing, range, etc…

I dunno. What pokesyou said is good, but I think playing the CPU too much can actually make you worse.

They way they cheat, how you just can’t do some stuff on them, Mind games don’t work, instant impossible counters. And how on the flip side they get hit by the dumbest shit, and don’t punish obvious stuff. It’s nice to practice combos and spacing and whatever, but if you form any habits or make assumptions about stuff it’ll probably make you worse off.

Vids can be your practice for footsies, just study them. Then hone your combo’s and ish, and thats plenty of comp right there.

Yes, it totally will. It took me two years to realize that I was playing against humans the same way that I played against the computer AI. Even though I could see what the other guy was doing, I will still punishing them like I would against the CPU, and I kept losing.

You might think that you’re playing against people differently than playing against the game, but there are certain tendencies you develop after playing that are hard to change until you figure out what exactly those tendencies are. The only way to do this is to play against human people.

After I realized this, my game improved tremendously, and almost instantly at that. It’s still necessary to play against the computer, of course, since you’re going to need to learn the game somehow, and to stay sharp between sessions against humans, but there really is no substitute for competing against real live unpredictable humans.

However, there are a couple other alternatives. If you can’t find good competition in CvS2, try playing other games, like 3S or MvC2. If there’s compeition for those in your area, any sort of vs. human experience you can get will help you out tremendously across all games.

If that isn’t possible, then you should start using as many major characters (and a bunch of the minor ones) in CvS2 as possible. This way, when you do eventually meet up against humans, you’ll know exactly what moves they can do, and when it’s best to use them, since you’ve gone through all the characters yourself.

If you can’t do that, your only option is to get an Xbox and Xbox live.

I wouldn’t really reccommend XBL if you plan to get good in the arcade. I have NO good CvS2 comp, really and I still maintain, just practice.

Destroy “any” and “everyone” you play againsts. Allways play your best. You owning your local comp will force everyone else to play better which increases everyones game/including yours. GO FOR BROKE:D

ok Thomas Osaki:p

i don’t recommend XBL either, but i’ve actually seen people who’ve never play this before XBL and are pretty good. XBL is the next best thing if u have anyone to play against.

EDIT: BTW obot don’t u have XBL?



i practice to much against the cpu. it makes me worst… play against reall ppl. the bes thing is get your ass off the coush and go to the arcades.

The computer totally kix my ass. I do better against the st computer than the cvs2 computer. One moment u think the a.I. Is a dumbass the next, it actually does something smart. The st computer never lets its gaurd down.


caliagent#3 I sold my Xbox, live acount cvs2 and all… That shit sucks!

the cpu is okay in certain aspects if you don’t abuse what they lack. like…i use the computer for execution in a real match (such as links in a live situation), setting up crossovers, practice on true guard strings (not ones you can dp out of or rc out of)…thas 'bout it though

i will agree that playing against the computer too much is harmful…because the computer stops many options that are GREAT in actual matches. like the computer p-groove…its stupid…they won’t parry like a regular ol normal anti-air, but they will parry something stupid hard to parry then super you.

50 play me!!!We are the last, best hope for CvS2 in Atlanta.

stick to practicing execution.

though frankly i don’t know why you’d want to get better at a game when you have no one to play against…

LOL im the complete opposite.I suck ass against the Computer especially Ryo the shit he pulls on me is damn near impossible.But against people im better by far.I see things coming and know exactly what to to.Hell the reason i suck against the computer is I can never force the computer to do something that i could a person.

i have a hell of a time practicing rush down on the computer. anyone know if it’s just not possible or am i doing something wrong?

What is your goal? Just to be “good”? Whoop everyone in your town? To travel out of town and win tourneys?

I learned how to play CVS2 solely from playing on XBL and reading the forums. Only 2 other ppl in my town play cvs2 remotley competively and I win at least half my matches against them so I’d say were pretty even, but they been playing since it came out (2-3 years?), Ive been playing since it came out on XBOX (almost a year). The only reason is from playing ALL THE TIME. I think thats the only way to get good really. XBL sucks now, but before it was just fine, asuming you have a decent connection. If you wanna get good Id say get back on XBL when you get a better connection or pack your bags, start traveling more and read the forums like mad.

If you’re going to play against the computer, set the difficulty to a 4 or 5. It’s not too easy that they’ll just stand their like idiots, and it’s not so hard that they’ll super you out of a hole in a chained combo.