Subtitled Special Trailers?

I have seen translated versions of most trailers but have been unable to find a translated version of the following trailer on the official SFIV site:
It’s the trailer in the second column, on the right, and is 23.8mb. The name of the trailer is in Japanese. (It contains “4 feat” in the title.)

I am unable to do a search for this trailer because I do not know that name of this specific trailer. Youtube searching yields countless results, with no way to narrow it down. (I watched 30+ videos before giving up there.) In addition, I do not want to spoil anything, as I have yet to play through all aspects of the game. I apologize for posting this if this is an often-asked question. Can someone please point me to a subtitled version of this trailer? (Please, no spoilers.)

Its the Street Fighter 4 Aftermath trailer featuring C. Viper.
No known subs for it yet.

Thanks. Hopefully someone will do it eventually.

Like the name by the way. Haven’t seen that show in years.

Thanks! Good stuff.