Success! But not really


I FINALLY did Seth’s 81-hit combo after about 750 attempts (yes, seven hundred and fifty). However, at around the end of the combo, when Seth was about to do the Ultra, Fraps stopped recording because it had reached the 30 seconds mark.

So I want to know: Does anyone know of a better recording software?

Here’s the video for the interested:


ther’s shadow play if you have an Nvidia GC, its free, didnt try it yet tho


Look up Dxtory.

Here’s an example of the video quality (1280x720, 30fps).


I’ve seen a video that said Dxtory is one of the best recorders out there, so I’m gonna try it first. If it’s not good, I’ll see Shadow Play.


I’ve used MSI Afterburner to record, it’s free, though dxstory I hear can give better quality depending on hardware.


I’m just about to reboot a lets play channel and I’ve been using Action! by Mirillis (through partnership).

So far it’s been one of the best programs yet, although struggles with some games (then I use shadowplay)


I have a Seth combo that does full stun and it only requires two bars, you can add more hits after the FADC Sonic Boom.