SUCCESSFUL Wireless + Recharging Fight Stick?!

Has anyone built a successful wireless fight stick that is also rechargeable via USB?

If not, is there anyone who thinks that they can?

I imagine in the worse case scenario, one could simply try to fit the back end of an xbox wireless controller plus the play and charge kit into the housing…

That is how (charging by USB) all the Wireless Arcade Stick in Tech Talk are.

So far everyone I’ve asked must use batteries… What parts are people using to make their sticks rechargeable…

For an xbox stick I believe that’s the way to go, since there’s no built in battery charger on a Xbox pcb (unlike the sixaxis). My guess is you could also buy a separate 3.7v lipo battery and a usb charging PCB from SparkFun and wire it up that way.

Well, you’ll still need batteries, just rechargeable ones, and a charging circuit. I’m sure there’s plenty of off-the-shelf stuff for that. E.g.:

I use a hacked wireless 360 PCB (case in progress) with a plug n play battery, which the wire itself is USB. If you have enough room in your box, leave the plug-n-play wire inside the case with a USB port on the other end attached to the box accessible the outside. Plug in a USB extension from the outside to charge.

I prefer the Spark Fun approch only because you can manage to get a longer lasting charge than the default Xbox 360 li-po battery.

YES, Thank you!

some info on my finished stick, I’m using the charge & play and standard Microsoft batteries, so it’s free and no need to do anything fancy