Such a waste of life! The Wesker Video thread



Figured i’d go ahead and get this thread started with 2 videos I found to be absolutely wonderful.

Basic Stuff/Moves you’ve already seen before


[details=Spoiler]The Intro
Basic Gameplay
Mission Mode
Crouching/Standing Kara Grabs

Online Matchs/Player Footage


[details=Spoiler]buks stuff all put on 1 page thanks to deviljin01

SYN Aaron vs Zade Blad Pools WinnerStaysOn MVC3 Feb 18th 2011

Carpet vs Zade Blad Pools WinnerStaysOn MVC3 Feb 18th 2011

SYN Deejay vs Zade Blad Top 8 WinnerStaysOn MVC3 Feb 18th 2011

Zade Blad vs Capo (partial) Pools WinnerStaysOn MVC3 Feb 18th 2011

Online Play

[details=Spoiler]Part 1/2 from maximilion beasting it
Some more wesker online[/details]


100% Combos

[details=Spoiler]No Assist
Taskmaster + Super Skrull
Iron Man
Sentinel + Dante
[media=youtube]y3fIgv6YMF4[/media] (Works on Sentinel)


[details=Spoiler]Weskers Gun Loop

Specific Assist Combos / Setups

Hsien ko

Pendulum Assist


100% combo no x-factor, 2 assist combo: [media=youtube]Om5SD6IpmJU[/media]
Mixup: [media=youtube]8KV9xBHYK9k[/media][/details]


You should probably add that 100% video.




K, added. I’ll try to keep updating the main post as often videos get listed. Trying to avoid putting on the really early stuff since it doesn’t show anything to exciting or new.




Kara grab and be used with either Fierce cancelled into command grab or ordinary dash cancelled into command grab.

[media=youtube]WykQZt-fzBM[/media] basic bnb

for some reason i cannot juggle the last assist into level 3 super i don’t know there is a limit or something [media=youtube]s1_v82z_Y14[/media]


Day 2: MVC3 Zade wesker 100% X-factor no bars

Day 2: MVC3: Zade Wesker 130,000,300 damage (100%) X-factor, Assist + 1 bar


man that dude online was rapin





Wesker OTG+assists+level 3 hyper combo 100%damage.

Tell me what you think guys, was messing around in the training room. Can I build on any of this? Is it worthless? I’ve not played MVC before so yeah, I’d apreciate input!


Pretty nice, definitely makes me want Doom on my team now. :3 He seems like he could be a viable replacement for Dante’s Jam Session assist…


Thanks and yeah man, I chose Doom because I like the character a lot, he’s got a good keep away game and can be used really effectively with other characters like wesker. Atm this team seems to gel well.


MVC3 Day 3: Zade Wesker live match highlights - Sentinel who?


Maximilian, Wesker Combo’s(Only two are shown, but the second one is raw as hell)


Got stuck on a mission with wesker for a bit but then decided to do a different combo out of frustration. . .


Not as flashy as some of the other stuff in here, but meh. Got around to recording it, although I found these out in the first day I had the game.







YouTube - FrameAdvantageDotCom’s Channel

good video can anyone explain his bread and butter combo?


Brb learning this.


This is one i’ve seen him and other Wesker players use, so I learned it:

jump-in j.S cr.L M s.H (2 hits)-> qcf.M -> L Teleport, cr.M s.H S (inAir)M M H S


delayed gun = Guranteed