SUCK IT: Daddy loses $80,000 because FACEBOOK


And if you’re not down with that…!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/facebook4n-1-web.jpg


I would have tossed that bitch out on the streets and severed all communications with her.


her tongue looks disgusting…unforgivable


Can’t even think of how to respond to this.


To busy making money, not taking time to raise your kids… That’s what you get… She’s white too, I bet she never caught an ass whoopin, that’s why she taking pictures like that. My step daughter would kill herself before she posted something like that, she knows I’d break her neck on sight…


You should have spent more time paying attention in school, yourself.


He lost the money because he wasn’t supposed to tell her.
If anything, he wasn’t negligent ENOUGH.


Her expression in that picture is on point with daddy’s loss of $$$.


lol, thats dumb. he should be able to win that appeal no problem. temporary hiccup.

but ugh, you dumb ass parents and your dumb ass daughter. first thing you tell your daughter is, do not speak of this to anyone, or post about this online, as it breaks the confidentiality agreement we have, and they can take the money back. i blame parents for not being intuned with social media, technology, and their kids (<–the usual). they probably didnt think twice about how many friends her daughter has on her social media profiles, or that she would post that.

even funnier, is she probably recently added the friend who was undercover, pretending to be a friend, or interested whatever, and was actually someone working for the school. lool. i doubt she even got snitched on, or that her profile was simply public, but she just lets in anyone who friend requested her, and let in her enemy.

if youre a normal person with hundreds of facebook friends, or over a thousand, i think youre most likely an idiot, and or someone i wouldnt like. if youre a blogger, music enthusiast, writer, etc… fine, but if youre just a joe schmo who just has gulped up as many friends as possible over the years simply because of your own insecurities and other weirdo shit, then i question a lot about you. i could see how a person could gulp up 150 friends on facebook of just people you have met, school chums, family, friends, but people be out here being extra nobodies, with like 600 friends on facebook. im like wtf, did you just walk around asking people to be your facebook friend. shit seems hella weird.

i guess i just never understood that shit. eh


Florida. That’s all.


This girl deserve a Bruce Lee style kick.


“Just lost my father $80,000. #yolo


How does RockB not have a service where he goes around dropkicking bitches who do dumb shit? People could call his ass, tell him what happened and when the girl is walking at night he’ll just be like “this is for the 80k” and bam, 2 boots to the head.

First the girl suing her parents and now this, We need a “Girls Gone Dumb” thread to put all this shit in one place.


Nobody can afford RockB.


SMH, bitches these days.

my follow up to that would be…



WOW. You know, there used to be a Flavor of Love show, where women would compete to win Flava Flav’s heart. This baffled me, because NOTHING about Flava Flav’s existence should make any woman feel like a winner.

Well, when you look at this goofy bitch, what the hell makes you think she can keep a secret? I wouldn’t mouth the first letter of a secret to her. It’s the dad’s fault for telling her, and not making it extra clear not to blab her mouth. He can appeal though.


The demand for special education does not stop growing.


its been a good couple days for people who hate entitled white girls :tup:


Can we use a picture of my (soon to be) ex-wife as the poster child for the GGD thread?


Sure! Send me all the photos you have of her making poor choices and I’ll pick the best one.