Sucker Punch (Film,2011)


wtf is going on here ?

Hey, I know that song! I loved that song!

Movie looks very stylish. Dunno if I’ll like it, but I do want that mecha-samurai with the minigun.


Movie seems a little outlandish. I thought it looked cool with the big samurai guys, then came dragons, a gat soldier, world war II era fighter jets, outer space. I hope this film won’t go all over the place. We don’t have too many action films with women in the lead roles, especially doing this.

From the trailer I can assume that the film starts out being about these women trying to escape from a corrupt mental institution. I have no idea where a dragon, fighter jets, WWII soldiers, and space come into this.

Holy crap I have to watch this. Looks like a perfect movie to just turn my mind off and soak it in lol

I agree. Auto pilot mode will be on during this movie. Just like watching Ninja Assassin all over again.

Mental institution, and then Giant gatling gun Samurai.

These bitches need locked up for life.

Synopsis from the wiki.

I guess that explains the wackiness. Wouldn’t necessarily hate to see this, but I’m already seeing the ending in my mind.

EDIT: That was a synopsis from years ago, they probably reworked it a bit.

Huge potential of “Best Movie Ever Made” IMO.

Shit looks sick. Can’t wait.

Yey! And this movie isn’t based on any existing property!

This movie will be one of two things: intelligently absurd or blitheringly stupid. Hoping for the former, prepared for the latter.

The centaur version of Dr. B is the size of the trojan horse.

It’s a fucking live action Anime…damn!

lol someone put the comment best on the youtube page…men’s twilight.

Wonder if they put all the moneyshots in the trailer and that it will be 30 minutes of sweet stuff max and like an hour of exposition and talking that none of us care about

that is what this trailer has me believe

just a rip off of pans labrinyth

it looks dope. A movie to watch on the big screen & then buy it when it comes out on blu ray.

And the hate starts eight months early.

Yea pretty much.

Yea pretty much.

will watch this