Sucker Punch


[media=youtube]KrIiYSdEe4E]YouTube - Sucker Punch - Official Trailer 2 [HD[/media]

Guns, Girls, Explosions, Girls, Mechs, Girls, Dragons, Girls, Robots, Girls.

…did I mention Girls?

Explosions and miniskirts aside, it seems like a zany romp. Will watch.

<3 Emily Browning.


Looks neat, but dunno if I’d watch it in theaters. On my computer though, mosdef…

Also, that’s the Lemony Snicket kid? Craaaaazy.


We had a Sucker Punch thread but eh, SHIT LOOKS AWESOME, I can’t wait. I didn’t know that it was THAT girl, that is doubly awesome.


Only watching for Vanessa Hudgens.

I’m getting a ‘Sky Captain’ vibe from this movie, where everything’s completely crap aside from visuals.


search function sucks but there are threads

Still on the fence, trailers look kinda cool but I can see this being really bad


You’re right. The search engine does suck.


Looks $ick. Girlz kicking ass/Swords/Explosions/Guns!!! XD Opening night!


this supposed to be a mental asylum or a halfway house for retired strippers?

ugh i hate movies like this.

i imagine everyone that liked “wanted” showing up for this one too.


Its like they combine those damn jap films that came out the past few years, throw a dragon in there too…Shit looks awesome!


:rofl: at the top rated Youtube comment:
“hot women stuck in a prison guarded by men…they should just blowjob there way out”?

This trailer seems much more interesting than the previous trailers.