Sucktion cups on TE?


Anyone modded their stick with a sucktion cup? I have a glass coffee table. The standard foam based feet do not slide (maybe I play too hard). In any case, anyone modded their stick with a sucktion cup on the bottom? I want to go out to local Lowe’s and get some, but don’t know exactly what to get…

Any pics?



See if you can find suction cups that screw-mount from behind the cup. Take off the bottom plate, remove the existing rubber feet, and screw in the suction cups in their place (screwing in from the inside half of the plate).

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Not suggesting to use those specifically… but something similar might work.

You might also consider removing the feet and covering the bottom plate with an anti-skid surface.


I actually tried those. Those exact cups are solde at Joanne’s Fabrics and Crafts in my neighbor hood for $3.00 for four of them. Before installing it had thought deep and hard a bout it, and decided that this is not what I wanted. I just can’t see myself taking off the bottom panel whenever I want to take off the suction cups. Nor did I want to have those suction cups at the bottom of the stick when I decide to lay back and play on my lap. I needed another solution… (Suction + Velcrow)

I went to Lowe’s and bought some Powerlock suction cups. You can find them at the plumbing section. These suction cups have hooks attached to them (fused on). I guess you would use them on a mirror or something to hang things on them. I bought 4 of them, and then used a metal pipe saw to cut off the hooks that are attached to the top of the suction cups, making them smooth as possible. Once the hooks are cut off, the top of the suction cup is about the size of a nickel coin (same size as the stick feet of TE stick). I then used the nickel to trace out the cut lines and cut out the velcrow pieces, sticking on the velcrow (smooth, fuzzy side) onto the bottom of TE feet.

Then take the rough side of the velcrow and apply some superglue on top of the suction cup and then place the velcrow on top of it. Velcrows have sticky tapes attached to the opposite side, but I wanted this thing to be permanently fused onto the suction cup portion. Once dried, I just stick the suction cups to the bottom of the TE using the velcrow, and then place the whole stick on top of my glass coffee table, and press down.

This sucker is very very stable. I couldn’t get it to come off with no matter how hard I tried. Anything beyond that would’ve damaged the stick. When I do want it off, I just use my credit card to slightly nudge the suction cup from the bottom, and they come right off.

The best thing about this is that the suction cups can be portable in case you’re going to a friends house or something. You can just stick the suction cups right onto the top or side of the stick case, and they aren’t going anywhere!

If anyone wants to do this and want more explanation, please let me know. I will post some pics upon request.

Although I bought mine from Lowe’s, it seems Target may have them as well:|B001J23TM4&CPNG=home%20decor&ref=tgt_adv_XSP10001

Notice the top portion of the suction cup (how wide it is). These fit perfectly to the bottom of the TE stick’s feet.


Ah, keeping a stick in place. Such the age-old pain in the butt.

The cheapest solution (and you don’t even have to put these on your stick) is shelf liner. You can find this in your local walmart for cheap, like around the 2 dollar range for a giant roll of the stuff. It is great on a bunch of flat surfaces, even on carpet they stay in place better than the stick by itself.


I thought about that too, but wanted something more sturdier than just anti-skid.


I use a Quark pad, real cheap real sturdy.


Surprisingly you can get a bunch of old cloth mouse pads, they work very well. I have a cloth deskpad which is just a massive mouse pad for your desk, If I put my stick down it never moves.


I had suction cups and do NOT recommend them. If you have a TE, you can get the little clear feet for cabinets and they stick on. It’s like 2 dollars for a pack of 12 at Michaels. They’re in the frame section, they put them on the back of frames so they don’t bump the walls.

The weight of the TE will stop it from sliding with those.