Sucky Abel

Seriously, I can play like a pro in some matches, then get owned pretty badly in other matches. I’m not a consistent player. I want to know all the details to becoming a better Abel player because at this point I pretty much peaked and am not getting any better. I would pay $$ to get tutored as long as it can up my game an inch or two.

Any takers? In Orange County area. I don’t even know where to start on these forums, the Abel Wiki is gone, watching videos has helped some.

I can do the f+mk link cod, but how do I land it if they are zoning you out or what is the best way to land this in general? I stopped jumping in because I would get punished hard and only do so when I think it is safe but even then options are limited and how do i stop Cross-ups after a knockdown, do I have to burn meter every time to roll away. You get grabbed out of it though.

Anyone have Shiro’s #? I will fly his ass out here if I have to. :slight_smile:

if ur in SoCal, arnt there like 20 Pros and tournaments every weekend u can go to? Combofiend and Busta are in SoCal, find them at tourneys i guess

Google Cached Abel (SFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki

If you can’t escape a crossup, just block, or check out this thread:

and this one:

Thanks for the replies, good info.

The Face of Defense in SF4: Understanding The Option Select Tech by Mariodood

@ wrath of Abel…

if you’re serious about getting better then you need to hit up the arcade. You’ll pay to play better competition. When you get owned by something, just ask if there’s a way to avoid it in the future.

Well honestly, I don’t like going to the arcades because the stick and buttons don’t feel that responsive for some reason compared to the tournament stick, maybe just me. Then you have the arcade hogs that put a roll of quarters on the cabinet exclaiming I got next, and next, and next, and next + 50, brings out the bad side of me.

BTW, The crouching tech is gold!

You could try sending friend requests to those players that destroy you online.

try to really focus on what beats you. are you doing block strings too much and getting DPed out of them? are you not teching throws well? are you trying to tornado throw and losing to neutral jumps?

after you score a knockdown, do you try to do something on their wakeup? if so, what is beating you? try to work out how to avoid it.

work on your zoning game, try to stand your ground and bait them into making mistakes and then punish hard.

if you’re having problems with AA, try abel’s standing FP from when they’re just above you, it has a lot of vertical reach and probably one of his better AA options. You also have, and cr.fp if they jump in poorly.

lastly, look at their meter and try to weigh out their options and what you think they’re going to do. you can usually eliminate options from your guessing game to better your chances…then it all comes down to the player and what their tendencies are.