Suddenly Samurai

too a break from the comic book monotony to do this Samurai pick. He’s the only surviver of the recent war, a lowley privite or whatever the rank system is… Might make a story outta this.

Decided to do a Blue value pic too, I guess to further push the weather. The Kanji on the flag says Honor.

while there may be more than one way to say the same thing in Japanese, I seriously doubt if those 2 kanji in your pic mean “honour”.

btw the samurai thing is quite nice, not sure about the topknot though – is that authentic?

oops, copied the wrong kanji. Now I have to remeber what the kanji i did right down mean.

EDIT: It was “Rebirth”

looking great. i like the first image a lot better.
is it me, or is he kinda short?

yea, I didnt want to draw him too tall considering he is japanese. I think he’s head is too big for his body.

shouldn’t the proportion still be the same if he’s shorter? Right now he’s about 6 heads high. You should either make the head shorter or his limbs longer. YOu should compromise between the two and add some blues to the samurai in the first pic. I think the swords should be more perpendicular to his waist so he can unsheath faster. Top knot (magi) should be in a short of loop. It goes down, then loop up.

Dfist with the wicked beatdown. lol j/k. Your right about everything tho. I guess I mixed fantasy with traditional. Think I’ll do a more traditional pic next time.

I agree with what has been said so far. Also I think you could change his posture. The interaction between the head and the flag is kinda lost. Now if he was looking off to the moon or something then his pose would be fine. Being that he is the only survivor left I think a foreward arch would better suit him.

Colorwise the second one makes more sense to me since the emotion fits better. The 1st just seems like the red comes out of nowhere and the gradual transition is too abrupt.

Overall I like the character and the setting. Just a couple of things you can work out to make this a really good pic.