SUG~GOI! Arcana Heart 2: HELLA USEFUL Edition

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EFnet IRC #Arcana for Arcana Chat

English Arcana Heart 2 wiki
Original Arcana Heart 2 Homepage
Sugoi! Homepage
Japanese Arcana Heart BBS
Japanese AH Mixi community
Arcadia Magazine HP

Japanese Movelist
Info on the old 2.1 Patch
Info on 2.5 -> 2.6 changes
Arcana Heart 1 discussion thread
Andamiro trying to release localized Arcana 2 in USA arcades?

Arcana 2 Locations in the USA (as of 9/26/08)

Planet Zero Anime Center (12303 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077) - Version 2.5.0
*University Pinball (Philadelphia, PA) 4006 Spruce Street * - Version 2.1
Sp00ky’s Basement (Brooklyn, NY) - (don’t ask Sp00ky if you’re invited; he’ll ask you.) Photos of Sp00ky’s setup - Version 2.1
Arcade UFO - (Austin, TX) - 3101 Speedway, Austin TEXAS - Version 2.6
Mission Valley TILT - (San Diego, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) 1640 Camino Del Rio North San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 299-9807 - Pics of Tilt’s setup - Version ???
People’s PS2’s - Your House - Version

Video Links:

Team Spooky
Bug/misc showcase AH2 vids from the guys @ Canon
Geesendou, a Tekken based arcade in Shinjuku, Japan, but now has the largest archive of AH2 vids on the web right now (hundreds of vids)
Henvoke, another arcade in Japan with match vids
FTNR18, another OG AH1 account uploading AH2 vids now
Nicovideo link for match vids
Nicovideo tutorial (thanks to Nohoho)

Mirror Petra is the new hotness.

Give me links that should go in the first post and tell me what should be removed.


Another video: Lilica Ice Combo: [media=youtube]MZhd-W3qY7o[/media]
Another video: Heart Ice Combo: [media=youtube]dBE0vWUVLcg[/media]

oh cool! any sweet youtube vids of Mirror Petra in action?

Vince - If you cut out the first 40 seconds of that Lilica video, it would have been a lot better. Other than that, it was cool tho.

affinity - not that I know of, however, I can partially explain it:
Mirror - This is actually the main reason. The mirror. What Petra can do is set out the mirror, and reload bullets. If the opponent tries to rush in, and even if they hit petra, they’ll still get hit by the mirror. The stun on the mirror is so big that petra can go into her j.A2BC loop from it (unless theyre really high up, then she can do it once and then sj j.AB dj j.AB 236X or end in a j.E combo to ground them). She can also hide behind the mirror and do bouncy shots, and reload.

The mirror itself is really good too. It stops anyone from above trying to do that whole WHICH SIDE AM I COMING FROM crossup with the D button. You can homing cancel it, too, even on whiff, which is SUPER good. You can throw mirror out and homing away and sometimes get the opp with the mirror and just totally avoid damage at all. It’s great.

That and mirror moves are cool sometimes, too, haha.

Akane video i made


hmm probably gonna be a part 2 since i have some more ideas and i didn’t really explore arcana functions that much

Hey, thanks for pointing that out Rob!:sweat: Here is the fixed version:

sweetness! I’m really impressed by how they added a new Arcana for every new character. and how the new arcana are awesome in their own way. :smile:

I also forgot to mention doing mirror and then 3C over the opponent also works wonders if theyre just sitting there blocking.

2.5 > 2.6 changes

Add in the OP?

Also… I’ve always said this and maybe it may not seem that important to most people, but the name should be SUGGOI! and not SUGOI!

thread title made me think this was a hack of the game…

I watched it earlier. Pretty cool. The loops vs Kira looks kinda funny. :lol:

ya and actually not even that hard

but the one on kamui is difficult but you can actually do more with it then what i did

Fleshed out some stuff in the Kamui wiki page, but been too lazy to do a major update. I’ll probably work on the Arcana section soon, though I guess I’ll have to remember 2.5 for you “PC version” players :looney:

I’m gonna go with my original plan of this being for further ARCADE VERSION discussion. We can either close the old one and make one for the port, or leave the old one for the port.


I don’t like repeating myself.

Port discussion goes elsewhere. keep it in the old thread, make a new one, go fly a kite, I don’t give a fuck. We’re gonna try to go forward, even if we can’t get our hands on more than one setup of 2.6. Examu split the community by making an invalid port, but we’re not gonna make shit worse by dragging shit out. THIS IS THE 2.6 THREAD. GO ELSEWHERE FOR 2.5.FAIL INFO.

anyone know why the names of Elsa’s specials are the same names used for the characters
in Devil May Cry 4? (Credo, Sanctus, Agnus, Kirie, etc.) did DMC4 rip those names from some novel?

Sorry about that.

Let me try again.

I’m playing Kamui and Lang gong in AH1; what changes would I have to make should I get to play AH2?

I have a strong urge to facepalm.