Suge Knight Shot 6 Times


lol damn, how many times this man gonna get shot in his life?


Is it the 90’s again?


I wanna know how Chris Brown was there, and nobody shot him


Quoting to agree with this sentiment… Tell you what, you guys deal with Brown, and we’ll take care of Beiber… Sound good?


if you can get Brown to a Raptors game, we can take out both him AND we can take out Drake as well.


Suge set up Pac that night that he got shot to death. This is payback. RIP Makaveli, fuck you Suge Knight


they figured Chris Brown wasn’t worth wasting a bullet on?
that’s my theory.


He’s always getting shot in the leg. Somebody really doesn’t want this muhfucka to be able to walk right.


his name is Suge Knight, yall need to get that new DLC armor pack that just dropped a few days ago


Well word is, they were going after chris, but just missed. Chris could not have taken 6 bullets, thats fo sho. We’ll see how things pan out, but i dont know about the chris story, because 6 bullets is a lot to miss with. Thats some aiming for your target shit, and some other dude got shot in the head too.

If i woulda came back from my vacation, pretty much blacked on the internet, just to see chris brown was shot and killed, that wouldve been crazy. If they are out there, he better figure that shit out, with his fake gangster ass. Pay your extortion dues and try to move on with your life. Fucking corny ass fools man. smdh


[details=Spoiler] Biggy smalls!!! Biggy smalls!!! Biggy smalls!!!


wessst siiiide :confused:


How this niqqa not dead???


When he survives a police shooting, I’ll give him street cred… He’s just playing with amateurs atm…


How do you shoot someone six times and not kill them? I blame the lack of father figures…


Biggest shock in all of this: Suge Knight still uses a flip phone.


Man, and he still didn’t beat 50 Cent’s record.


hahahaha suge knight with the boost mobile sponser


wait what

i thought standing fierce was 4 hits

i gotta learn this glitch


50 took 9.

On a side note, the human body is fairly easy to damage, but it’s more durable than you are probably thinking.
Stuff that you can do only with an adrenalin boost is a good example of how that pans out, for instance. Google it!