Suggesions for a grabber?

i notice i throw a lot-especially with bison and blanka and i figure since a lot of my game is around toss, i might as well learn the real thing and go a grabber hehe.

anyways think gief would be a good choice or should i look into another like hawk or the slippery guy. sort of want one thats mostly has a really good grab game and not like lets say able that can do it but does a lot of other stuff too.

Yea Zangeif would be good if you could pull off 360’s without a hitch

gief kind of got nerfed in this one. I’d go for Hakan because he’s just so much fun.

Well, I personally like Hakan. That’s just 'cus he is fun to play for me. His command grabs are crappy when un-oil, but on the reverse end awesome when he is oiled.

Zangief is the best “grab” character in the game.

I see you like to use charge characters. I suggest to maybe start with Honda. He is a charge character and has a command throw for you to practice with. It’s only a half-cirle motion so much easier than your standard 360. He doesn’t focus on it, but perhaps you might try him to get used to using the command grabs instead of throws when the time calls for it. Then you can stick with him or move on to a grappler when comfortable with command grabbing.

If you’re just talking about characters with command throws, T. Hawk, Gief, Ibuki, Honda, Abel, Hakan and Seth all come to mind. They all have different playstyles, but each has a nice command throw. It’s worth noting not all of these characters are based off of throws (T.Hawk, Gief, and Hakan seem to be the only focused on throws), and not all of these throws are 360s (Abel’s, for example, is HCB+P). Look at those characters.

order of grappler characters (best to worst)

  1. Zangief
  2. T. Hawk
  3. Hakan
  4. Honda (kinda like a grappler)
  5. Abel (command throw is a huge part of his game)
  6. Seth

On what planet are Able and honda below Zangieg/T.Hawk/Hakan.

no Makoto chan?

I’m just hoping that’s not a list of who-he-thinks-is-the-best-character-but-has-a-command-throw. That list would probably look like:

High tier: Honda
Upper Middle: Abel
Middle: Zangief, T.Hawk, Makato, Ibuki
Lower Middle: Seth
Low tier: Hakan

I’m no pro; someone will probably disagree with me. But, YMMV, y’know?


Abel and Honda are probably the best characters who have command throws, but Gief and Hawk are the “true” grapplers in SF4.

Makoto kind of sucks (sadly), Hakan is goofy and nobody knows what to think of him yet (consensus is he’s not all that great), and Seth has a command throw but trying to stay in close with Seth is kind of a death wish.

tbh ‘what a grappler is’ starts becoming hazy when you begin including all characters with command grabs, I mean no one’s mentioned fei yet, or ibuki, and rog has a 720 ultra. Then you start getting in to characters like elf, who’s a grappler with no command grab.

Trying to do anything with Seth is kind of a death wish =). His spd is an important part of his game though.

Having said that I wouldn’t recommend him to a new player;

@kevfactor - I would look again at abel, his command grab is a big part of who he is, though if you really want a straight out ‘grappler’ grappler, pick gief, he’s better than t.hawk and hakan. But also look at el fuerte, he may actually be what you’re after.

Which goes to say that there’s, “High Risk, High Reward,” characters; then there’s, “Seth Risks, Seth Rewards,” characters. xP

FYI, Ibuki doesn’t have a command throw.

FYI, Ryu doesn’t have a fireball.

Seth low mid tier? Ibuki has a command throw? Unless you’re talking about her ultra? But then you’d have to include guy and balrog…

Ibuki’s “command grab” is technically not a grab: it’s a (blockable) special attack with a unique hit animation.

Fei Long has a true command grab.

Having a command throw doesn’t necessarily make the character a “grappler,” in the same way that having a projectile doesn’t automatically make a character a certain type of character.

Considering that you play bison and blanka, I am assuming that you are used to charge characters… and in that case, I would suggest Honda for you. Although I don’t consider Honda a real grappler, his command grab gives a nice mix up/threat game going on. But be aware, his 720 Ultra 2 is also one of the hardest to pull off of a FADC move, considering Honda’s dash is much faster than Gief and T.Hawk’s.

How’s the range on his U2? Not too good compared to the real grapplers if I remember.

yeah the range is terrible with U2, but there are still a lot of set ups of landing it. You literally have to be touching your opponent at point blank range for it to connect…but as i said… there are a lot set ups for it to work.

I was thinking about Radia and her ultra, but that would have to be the case. My bad.