Suggest a Buff

Simple: Propose a way that Capcom could buff a character that you think wouldn’t be broken, but would still add significantly to a character’s game plan, and most likely increase their tier position by at least a full-letter grade.

My boy Captain America is actually pretty good in this game. People seem to have yet to settle on where he actually sits (it doesn’t help that fucking no one plays the dude), but I’d say it’s more or less agreed that his Backflip paired with a good assist (Captain America/Hawkeye-A, BFFs, OTP on deck) is a solid gameplan, plus, Shield Slash M is actually a really solid assist. Much of the functionality of the best projectile assists without the scaling and good stuff like that.

What do I want him to have?
Full combos off of throws without X-factor. This would essentially mean changing his throws to change the screen position of the opponent so that both hits of the Shield Slash L OTG would connect and lead into 5S.

Why would this be good?
Cap already does some seriously dumb damage off of his relaunch BNB, and it’s meter neutral to boot. It tops off at 730K when ending with 236L xx Hyper Charging Star. But what if you did something like threw out Hawkeye-A or Doom Missiles instead, which would juggle, but still cause the opponent to drop out? Your combo would end around 500Kish, and then by ending the combo with your opponent high enough in the air, you get a free jump to Option-Select H with Air throw. At this point. Cap throws away from the corner, resulting in a BNB which will almost definitely kill any character in the game.

Is it broken?
No. Anyone who knew the technology would be mashing the throw tech to snuff the reset.

Would it get dropped as a strategy as a result of what makes it not broken?
No. People would still read for it, and then Rogers has options from there. Like Backflipping into the corner and then doing combos that start with Air normals or Air Shield Slash M juggles (typically both), which would punish H mashing. Those BNBs wouldn’t be *as *powerful, but still quite good.

EDIT: Also, it would be great if you could second-jump cancel the recovery of Shield Slash L to go into Air-Blocking and make it safe. Or, really, if Air Shield Slash was safe period. I’m really tired of using Cap’s solo gameplan and getting punished by “HAHA! SEARCHLIGHT!”

Oh so many.


Hsien-Ko: Give her a real dash and make her current forward dash a command movement (likely set to S + Atk button ala Cap’s backflip), make her airdash not suck or give her a double jump (either one, maybe both), let her cancel senpu bu into henkyo ki, make gold armor last 10 seconds instead of 6, plenty more possibilities


Iron Man: Give all versions of unibeam the same startup with varying recovery (ala Plasma Beam), give smart bombs their vanilla hitstun back, make proton cannon not suck (aka let it start up as fast as other beam hypers), increase health to 1 mil or 1.1, also alot more that i’ve thought of

And many, many more.

-Let Super Skrull say “He loves you” again.
-Delete Chun Li and add Gene.

Change the command for mighty strike into QCF as opposed to reverse dp. Nobody gives a fuck about Mighty Spark except to use it in combo and as a “lulz I ZONE” once in a while.

Also make Thor black.

Also whenever you land his command grab, the word SWAG appears on screen.

Captain America can already combo off of all of his throws except his forward ground throw. Just dash back and cancel partway through into Shield Slash L.

Boring buff: Make Hulk’s command grabs faster and make the throw distance the same that it was before it was patched.

Less boring buff: Change Hulk’s dash so that he can attack with jumping attacks during the airborne phase. Kinda like how Sasquatch can pressure with instant overheads in VSav.

Dormmamu!! give him back his relaunch! @ 0:25


Did Dorm have this in vanilla?

Would you guys stop thinking of every possible way it could have been and move on?
How about you learn the current game instead of constantly imagining fictitious scenarios…

I understand, it’s really more just I want to see people get creative.

Video please? There’s barely any time to get off Shield Slash L as it is after any throw just to get the Hyper.

That’s . . . not a buff? But the real question is: Who’s Gene?

Chris Redfield:
-give him a damn move where he wont be so free to air-based characters(ex: throws flash bang in the air that causes a small amount of hitstun, kinda like franks camera
-make his boulder punches have more use than just looking manly(not that its a bad thing)
-give him dodge move, most of the RE games had this and im in awe they didn’t implement this
-give him a special where he takes a red/green herb and [S]smokes[/S] sprays it to regain HP
-give him a level 1 hyper install where he chugs a bottle of steroids and turns into the size of Hulk with super armor on all his normals
-give him a jetpack for fly/unfly combos

Sentinel: get rid off this piece of scrap and give us MvC2 Sentinaaaal.

Eat a doggydick nigga.

Magneto and Iron man their old air dashes back, and I’d be in there.


Give Thor the fastest safest teleport in the game. Just because.

Make Turnabout Mode last 30 seconds instead of 20, and teammates also get the +20% damage boost if they tag in.

make cap. america asian

Zero and Wesker should get buffs too. (coughBullshit!cough)

They already did…

Seriously you guys are asking for buffs because you fucking suck. Seriously read your list and tell me how it makes the character better instead of covering up a fundamental weakness you have.

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