Suggested Change for Dante in UMvC3



What I would like to see implemented is a combo grading system that ranges from D to SSS. I feel that all of Dante’s BnB’s do about the same amount of dmg including the stylish ones. So the idea that I came up with was to have a style gauge that rewards those who go for the style combos.

What I’ve thought of so far is to have certain attacks raise the style meter by various amounts while the meter slowly depletes constantly but decreases when dante takes dmg maybe 1 grade every 90k dmg. Reaching to a certain lvl, C, A, S, SSS would increase the number of hits on Dante’s super . Kind of like how Modok’s analysis cubes work. Maybe have million dollars do more gun shots, devil trigger having a longer duration, or Devil May Die doing more hits.

I just believe that style combos should more risk more reward, than just more risk low reward. Another idea is to have the grade increase after every special attack hit aka killer bee, volcano, hammer, million carats.

Of course if this was implemented Dante would need an overall damage nerf. I thought about having the style system actually increase the dmg of dante’s attacks but i felt that it would either be too hard to implement, capcom would be too lazy, and dmg scaling would null it.



Dante is probably one of the few characters who doesn’t need any changes.

He’s fun to play as. His high damage combos require a lot of work, a lot of cancels etc. etc. He has his flaws (900,000 health).

The problem stems from characters doing ridiculously high damage from simple combos. Dante is not of those characters.


He really doesn’t need any more incentive to have even longer combos, the combos already put people to sleep and kill almost anyone.

Also, if you think Dante doesn’t need a nerf, you’re probably not very good at him. #realtalk


I just wanted Dante to have an incentive to go for stylish combos, why have style comboes with 0 incentive to go for them, unless ur name is dick nguyen. Also I thought it would be cool to implement his dmc style meter into the game.


More special moves. Seriously i want him to have a special move and style cancel for every possible motion, I mean, why not have 100+ moves it would be awesome. Also I like the style meter idea, but it should just be more like in DMC where moves would do decreased damage the more u use them. I would make double beehive obsolete and reward using all of his moves. With more special moves i think that would be a great idea


But every special move added either means another obsoleted or he launches further into the broken stratosphere… he’s already so good, and so well designed. He’s really really really good as is, just needs to be nerfed a little.


900k health is a nerf if you use someone with the same health that isn’t named Dante.


You’re doing it wrong if your combos put people to sleep. Dante doesn’t need a nerf, other characters need buffs.


Nerfing one of our most deep non-scrub friendly characters is a stupid idea. Every good fighting games needs that high execution/open ended character that’s only as good as the player takes him. Nerfing him is just dumb, and this is coming from someone who hates fighting against Dante.


If they wanted to nerf dante, just do something simple like making the OTG guns affected by hitstun scaling. That would be enough to make some of his combos not work, but it wouldn’t keep him from doing the fanciest combos without OTG’s. Or reduce his health to 850k-00k, I’d even be fine with that.

However I personally hope they don’t nerf him because he really doesn’t need it. Buffs are more important than nerfs.


Hammer nerf. Thats it. No im not kidding and yes i play dante. Hammer is dumb. a +20 on block invincible special? Dumb


Yeah hammer is pretty braindead I wouldn’t mind it getting nerfed just a tad. Hammer is only really necessary as a last resort to keep people out or give him more mix up if he’s anchored without an assist if you’re not talking about its use in combos. The way it is now you can just throw it around for unnecessary situations and still probably get profit. It’s baitable but with only 5 frames of whiff and the only issue being the start up the opponent has to pre emptively air throw it or c.L punish one done too high in the air as the only real regular punishes.

Besides it’s confirmed his s.L and launcher got speed buffs which is hilarious.


I’ll believe it when I see it.


That means you’ll have to wait 3 and a half months to be a believer.


Maybe not if they have a build available at the MTL comiccon


Hammer is +14 on block at the range it’s used at. It’s only +20 if you touch their toes with it and cancel the recovery of it with landing, which is not how it’s used 95+% of the time.

Also, I noticed how Revolver got a huge speed buff. It starts up much faster and doesn’t hang around in the air forever either. Also saw a couple days ago on the unity stream, one Dante player was trying to do j.S 3HHH -> Stinger -> Grapple, and the Grapple missed (he could have just mistimed it though). Another site is reporting that st.L was nerfed in startup to 9-10F so who knows, we’ll have to wait for more vids I guess.



  • Seems slower overall, but only slightly. Basically, another frame or two added to startup on some normals (yeah, 8-frame jab is now 9-10 frames, it seems).
    -Hitstun decay seems to affect him more than before, so his j.qcf+H spinny fire thing doesn’t work as frequently. His OTG combos seems largely unaffected, however. Still very strong.


I trust these guys a bit more.


While Dante didn’t need a faster Jab, a slower one seems like a superfluous change. I don’t really mind though as long as his combos remain largely untouched.


To let the opponent know he’s about to become your bitch


Ok…slower jab makes more in line with what someone who understands what Dante is capable of would do to balance him. I’m not surprised on slower s.L because that s.L can hit confirm from half way across the screen into full combos. They’re just trying to make sure that you have to have your spacing good with Dante or get blown up. It’s definitely gonna be really important to manage normal spacing now that he’s on that hulk shit with his s.L

Kinda funny that some people actually thought his normals felt faster but it’s probably just a placebo effect from the hype of the game. I was about ready to declare Dante S tier in Ultimate again when i heard s.L was getting faster. It still anti airs almost from full normal jump height and pokes from half screen at the same time. Can only want so much more after that.

Revolver buff sounds interesting but I always thought it was pretty terrible outside of combos.