Suggestion: Drop down menus for sub-forums


I’ve noticed that, on alot of other Xenforo powered FG sites (8WayRun, FreeStepDodge, VFDC) they have drop down menus for the character sub-forums. This would help to clear the site of clutter (as ours currently is rather cluttered).


That could be cool. I’d ‘hate’ it for a day (read: need a little time to adjust to the change), but after that it sounds like it’d be just plain a smart idea. Hopefully this can be arranged.


Also, I believe that there is an option so that not all sub-forums are shown/hidden. This way, games on top like AE and UMvC3 can have their subforums show in the main forum page, while games in the strategy zone can have theirs hidden.


:eek: MvC2 seems to have its subforums hidden, which is cool. Having the other SZ games follow suit would be beautiful.


only the newer games have their subforums shown. But what’s important is that the dropdown for the subforums is enabled.


Dropdowns are in. Still would be nice if the SZ forum area on the main forums page could be shrunken down now.