Suggestion for a fighting game?

hey all,

looking to pick up a fighter right now but not sure which one to go for. ive played all the typical ones like T6, SC5, umvc, ssf4, p4a, MK. but not sure if there is another i should pick up or if one of the ones i have already one i should stick with.

thing is there isnt a huge fighting scene near me. my internet is wifi/powerline with about 20ms ping, 20 mbps download, 6 mbps upload. im looking for a fighter with a good online player base that runs well online. err ill list some reasons i dont play what i currently have if that helps. i have xbox and ps3 so if one system is better than other please say so

umvc: netcode
p4a: low player base. good online though. even against EU
ssf4: dont like the engine. prefer older street fighters or CVS2
T6: netcode kind of bugged me. is TTT2 better?
SC5: got boring. played this a looooot.
MK: not a fan of MK fighting engine.

3rd strike online edition: hows the player base looking? i never got into 3rd strike that much. would i get destoryed? lol
TTT2: hows player base looking? considering its been out for a while
skull girls: same question as above. heard this is good.
Tekken revolution: not much info about this one
injustice: wasnt a fan of mk engine. didnt enjoy the demo too much but i’d consider if ppl recommend. also i hear scorpion is stupid good

thanks for any help guys

Recommended PS3/PSN fighter titles for online play

Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Street Fighter III 3rd strike online edition
Skull Girls

yeah i was thinking SF3 and skull girls for good online play. but which has better player base? out of the two.

3rd Strike OE 360 easily… With the patch coming a wave of players are going to come back excited for the changes… their even putting a better netcode as well in the patch… the rest is small bug fixes, nicer character portrait windows, and a few more… It’s gonna be sick. Summer 2012 had great amount imo… “okay netcode” thanks to ggpo… I got on 2 months ago and it had VERY little players at night like 11pm… but a decent amount during the day… me and like 5 friends(who knows how many more) are waiting for the new improved netcode and changes to breath life into the game. It should have nice numbers then… not to mention its summer.

3S is awesome but… 3SOE is pretty much dead at this point. If Capcom/IG gave us a release date for the patch than I would say yes because the online population will get that bump. But at this point it’s looking like it will come out right around when the new consoles are out and the online will be deader. Play it on GGPO. It’s the Tres Room.

Can’t say too much about the 3D fighters but people I know who play Tekken love the new tag game and Revolution seems pretty good and it’s F2P so there’s that.

Skullgirls is just about to finally come to PC and 5 new characters are on their way and Mike Z is finally dealing with long combos in the game. So, of all the new games you listed I’d recommend that but I’m bias because I don’t like 3D fighters.

nice! thats exciting to hear about the new 3S netcode.

yeah tekken has always been a fun one for me but not completely sure about player base and if i should go for xbox or ps3 on that one.

and i thought skull girls pc was already out?

360 has more people playing ttt2 but for the most part they are all bad unless you want to try matchmaking on zaibatsu to find better people, ps3 the quality of players is a little better but it’s like the same 8 people on different accounts

These ones are Tough online
*Skullgirls - But everyone’s pro online and you will get beat time and time again.
*Blazblue Continuum Shift - Here too, everyone’s 5th Lord or something, you get beat in a heartbeat
*KOF 13 - You won’t stand a chance

Injustice has tons of players from casuals to serious and finding an opponent is extremely easy. Even I managed to look unnoobish online. Plus I think its a step up from MK.